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Human beings are the only animal in the world where the female species is the more flamboyant one. Her flamboyance is cleverly exposed through the ‘less is more’ mode when it comes to makeup, accessories, fashion and swimwear. Don’t worry, the males are not far behind, waving their guidelines with confused expressions because c’mon. Everyone goes for a swim/ to the beach/ to a pool party just to ogle at and be ogled by the opposite sex. For that, being an eye sore is a definite no no.

So this summer make the most of your look and follow these simple guidelines. You don’t have to suddenly go on a crash diet to get that ‘bikini body’. It will only make you look emaciated and so not good. So here are a few guidelines for men and women which will help you buy your swimwear and wear it with confidence. As they say, ladies first-


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Yes, we always have a worse time than men when it comes to flaunting our stuff in barely there pieces of clothes. It’s a proven fact that since we are never 100% comfortable in our bodies and find some imperfection or the other, we will always feel conscious in any kind of swimwear. But have no fear since the swimwear guideline for literally all body types is here-

Pear shape- Always stay away from boy shorts or eye catching bottoms. These accentuate your strong legs and that tiny waist. If you will like to wear a bikini, make sure the top is more eye catching and the bottom is high cut to create the effect of longer and leaner legs. High cut bottoms cut you off at your widest part of the body giving you a leaner look. If you are more comfortable wearing a one piece, make sure the sides have high cuts to give that illusion.

Apple Shape- Your biggest problem area is your tummy and the mid section. You want a swim suit that separates your chest from your tummy and which conceals the wide mid section. You should stay away from tankinis and bikinis. Though tankinis feel like a much safer cousin of the bikini, the top will always ride up making you extremely conscious of your torso. Opt for a one piece with a halter or a v-neck along with some detailing on the top. This will visually separate your bust from your middle and the detailing will take the focus away from your tummy.

Small Bust- You might think wearing an under wire and/ or with pads will make you look extremely matronly and old. But think back to how many times have you felt conscious off your small bust in a swimsuit? Bandeaus and tubes are not your friends. These shapes make you look even more flat chested. Instead opt for push tops and bikini tops or one piece with concealed pads and/ or underwires. You can also wear a swim suit with beading, ruffles or extra detailing on the chest area to add bulk and create illusion.

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Big Bust- Chant this whilst going swimsuit shopping- Triangle tops are not my friend. Yes they cannot be your friend because they don’t support you. Literally. You need something which supports your bust and saves you from having a fashion faux pas. High necks and tankinis will just accentuate your bust even more. Your best friend is a halter top which can be tied at the back. The best look for you is a halter top with a concealed bra complete with underwire.

Boy Shape- Though any style suits a boy shape when it comes to fashion, swimwear is a completely different story. Believe it or not, showing more skin works a lot better for this body type than any other. The more fabric you will have on, the boxier your appearance will look. String bikinis make you look sexy and fun prints give you a flirty look. Look for concealed padding to give a curvier look. If you are not comfortable with string bikinis, look for monokinis. These are exactly like one piece except the top and bottom are connected with a thin strip of cloth and the sides are cut out, giving an illusion of an hour glass figure.

Curvy & Plus sized- When we say plus sized or curvy we really mean US size 12 and above. There is nothing stopping you from wearing swim wear at the beach. The first and foremost rule is to not wear anything too tight, especially the ones which cut into your skin and create bulges. Opt for stripes. Not horizontal but vertical and diagonal. You can wear bikinis, just avoid the thin, stringy ones. You can also look for wrap styles or sarongs in the middle which immediately shape out your waist.

Yes you hear this a lot especially from the swimsuit models, but here it from this plus sized author- confidence is the key. The minute you can walk with your chin parallel to the ground and strut your stuff, no one will be able to criticize you.


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Men don’t have such a hard time buying and wearing their swimwear. They couldn’t care less. But what if I tell you women get turned off with mature men when they wear boardshorts or some women are just not comfortable with Speedos? Did I just get your attention? Well, here is a basic guide for you lot-

Slim Body type- Boardshorts flatter you the most. Worn for water sports, opt for boardshorts which sit well on your waist and are perfect for your legs. Don’t go for overly flowy ones as they will only only make you look smaller. The shorts should end up well above the knee. Bright colors are your best bet.

Athletic Body type- You can opt for Speedos if you are a serious swimmer and don’t like the extra weight of boardshorts to slow you down. If you are more conscious, then you can also wear square leg swim suits which are in between Speedos and swimming trunks. These are flattering and cover more area.

Non Athletic Body type- If you are on the softer side, then the fitted trunks with shorter legs should be your best friends. They fit well and also give more coverage. Opt for darker solid colours like black or navy and a pair of trunks with drawstrings to avoid your skin from spilling over the elastic waistband.

Needless to say, confidence is the key when you finally step out in public wearing that swimsuit on which you invested hours of research and browsing through stores. Why don’t you write to us or tweet us @theroyaleindia and tell us about your swimsuit secret?

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