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Don’t worry! Sumita Chakraborty pinpoints ways and means on how to tackle the dreaded ‘appraisal review’ syndrome.

Does the words ‘appraisal review’ send jitters down your spine? Yes? Well, don’t worry… Performance reviews are just clear cut ways on the basis of which salary hikes, incentives and promotions are determined. It’s a yardstick by which your performance is measured and reviewed. The advantage of this is that through the appraisal you know how well or badly your performance has been over the last year.

The trick here is not to get flustered when performance reviews take place, instead be prepared and be smart. Here are some fab tips on how to tackle any appraisal review.

Before The Appraisal

Before the appraisal, sit down and ponder over your hits and misses.

before appraisal @TheRoyaleIndia
  • Be Logical: Whatever achievements, feats or successes you’ve had list them down neatly. Explain why the work projects you’ve helmed have been so successful – giving facts and figures, credit to colleagues, and your strategy plans. Explain the highs in a point format. Why the project was successful? Were you responsible for it? Was it a team effort? Be lucid and concise.

  • Be Truthful: If something hasn’t worked out, give details about it in the ‘misses’ column. Explain what went wrong and why. And how things can be improved on in the future. Again, there is absolutely no need to be defensive or to hide facts.

  • Use a Lot of Facts & Figures: Facts and figures work. They tell the complete story clearly and don’t lie.

  • Don’t bother to embroider the real facts: Get to the point. Think of your job description and what you are actually supposed to do. And then clearly list down what you’ve done according to your profile.

On the Day Of the Appraisal

  • Start the day by going for a brisk run early morning. An invigorating jog through nature’s bounty will uplift your spirits.

  • Dress up well. Nothing over the top. Just wear something that is formal smart and comfortable. You can’t be fiddling around with the top button of your too tight shirt just because it doesn’t fit well.

  • Be confident: Don’t get all knotted up about the appraisal. If you are nervous, get yourself involved in some other work so that your mind is occupied. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.

  • While meeting your supervisor, be sure about yourself. Talk assertively but don’t be cocky. Honestly tell him what you’ve done – your strengths and weaknesses.

  • List out the various projects you’ve been involved with and your contributions to it. Talk about how you’ve managed to turn it around for the company and in facts and figures, how you’ve made the project a success.

  • In terms of failures, talk about the ‘misses’ candidly. Talk about the steps that went into the project. Talk about your contributions and then talk about what went wrong. Also pinpoint where you personally went wrong and how you can improve on your performance in the future.

After The Appraisal

after appraisal @TheRoyaleIndia

Sometimes appraisals can be pretty harsh more so if you feel that you’ve put in more in your work projects than what you’ve been given credit for. But don’t get despondent. There is always a silver lining.

  • A performance review helps you ascertain how your performance is. It tells you honestly your strengths and weaknesses. So you get to know yourself better. It’s like looking into the mirror and seeing yourself for what you are – warts and all.

  • As for you feeling low after an appraisal, don’t be. This is just for your good. And like all bad moments, this too shall pass.

  • If you feel you are being short changed in terms of promotions and incentives, go and talk to the boss instead of sulking in a corner.

  • Also an appraisal works in terms of knowing your own strengths and failures. Accept them and work on your flaws. Iron out all your shortcomings and then move on. It’s no use crying over spilt milk. Now it’s time to cut your losses, improve and then find more challenging projects to take on so that you can show your prowess once more.

  • Though appraisal reviews are very important and you have to take it extremely serious, there is however always other opportunities in life. Savour your hits and your misses equally and learn from them. As life is a learning curve, and he or she who masters it, always stands to win.

  • So go ahead, be a winner. Learn from the experience of going through an appraisal review and handle all the criticisms or compliments well. After all, bouquets and brickbats are the bricks that pave your personality. Build it up well. So go ahead and rock! Good luck!

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