Superhot Sisters of Superhot Actresses

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Sumita Chakraborty profiles the super-hot sisters of famous celebrities.

They are as beautiful as their more famous siblings. However, they prefer to stand outside the shadows of their larger than life famous siblings. Meet the lesser known sisters of famous celebrities…

Dippy’s Sis

Deepika Padukone’s sister Anisha is a professional golfer. Perhaps not as svelte as her stunning famous sister Deepika who has also forayed her way into Hollywood as well as Bollywood, Anisha in her own way is actually very charming. Though she tends to shy away from the spotlight especially of the glam world as much as possible, she is quite well known in the sporting circles. However, if you spot her at Red Carpet events, Anisha by the way does look extremely stunning when all dolled up. She has been seen wearing glam gowns and is quite a looker. However, it’s not really fair to compare her to her super ‘Hot’ sister.

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Social Media’s Darling

Another famous celebrity – the fit and fab Bipasha Basu’s little sister Bijoyeta who is in her 20s is also quite a looker. She by the way is super-hot and posts innumerable pictures of herself on Instagram. And why not? Their mother who is quite a looker herself in fact can pass off as their sister – she looks so young and vibrant. So we guess the genes have passed on to the Basu siblings. Bijoyeta is actually quite a few years younger than her Bong bombshell sister and is now waiting in the wings to join the film frat. She incidentally has taken the social media by storm with her super cool pictures and amazing outfits.

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Mallika Haydon Rocks!

The absolute gorgeous Lisa Hayden who had sassayed into Bollywood with ‘Queen’ originally comes from Sydney, Australia. Her dad is from Chennai and her mum is an Australian. Incidentally, her sibling who is a model inspired her to get into the glam world. But after Lisa made it big in Bollywood, Mallika decided to follow suit. Today, her sister Mallika Haydon has already foraged her way into Bollywood so look out for her.

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The Kaif Effect

Another star sister waiting in the wings is the charming Isabel, sister of the very beautiful Katrina Kaif. Superstar Salman Khan who shares some strong ties with Katrina is actively promoting her. She has already done a film titled ‘Dr Cabbie’ in Canada which is produced by Salman’s Being Human. Isabel has gone through an acting course at the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute Of New York. She has been modelling for a lot of premium brands from the age of 15 but is now waiting patiently for her Bollywood debut. Is Salman Khan listening?

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Chopra Sisters

Though Priyanka Chopra doesn’t have any real sisters as her nuclear family consists of just her brother, mom and her. However, she has a whole host of cousins… Starting from the effervescent Parineeti Chopra who has already made her debut in Bollywood and is an actress who has carved her niche to Meera Chopra who is waiting in the wings. There is another cousin Barbie Handa who is also waiting in the fringes of Tinsel Town hoping she’ll make as smashing a debut as her famous cousin Priyanka who has already conquered Bollywood and is now all set to make Hollywood her own. Incidentally, all of Priyanka’s cousins are as beautiful as her. But they are currently waiting with bated breath hoping to make their place in the sun in Bollywood.

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Vj Sisters

Not far away is MTV VJ the breathtakingly beautiful Anusha Dandekar who has charmed the hipsters with her bubbly persona on the small screen. Her sister Shibani incidentally is already a known face on TV. She anchors the IPL seasons and has already kick-started her filmi career. A girl with amazing screen presence, Shibani is all set to win her way into Bollywood.

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Kapoor Khandaan

Sonam Kapoor’s sister Rhea Kapoor is perhaps not interested in making it as a heroine. But she does look as good as Sonam. In fact, Sonam depends on her fashion sense as it is supposedly impeccable. Rhea is currently a producer and has made several films with Sonam in the lead. The two sisters are inseparable and are often mistaken as twins. Rhea’s dressing sense is a super wow and she knows all the fashion brands on her fingertips. But does she want to be an actor? No way!

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Family Bond

And if we are talking about Sonam, can Ranveer be far behind? Another sister in the wings is the lively Ranveer Singh’s sister Ritika. Incidentally, did you know Ritika and Ranveer are actually Sonam’s second cousins related to each through their mothers? Ritika is very pretty and she dotes on her little brother Ranveer. He too is crazy over her. Ritika, however has no interest in getting into films, she’s happy to let her brother hog the limelight.

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