The other side to ‘Laila Item Girl’ Sunny Leone.

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Sumita Chakraborty talks to the fabulous Sunny Leone exclusively for Couponraja (TheRoyale) about marriage, Bollywood, Shah Rukh and more

She’s every man’s fantasy come true. She is the very HOT Sunny Leone! Her oomph quotient is the talk of the town especially seen in her new item song ‘Laila Main Laila’ in Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Raees’. In fact, the video has already crossed over 75 million hits on YouTube and …still counting.

Meeting Sunny

Sunny calls us to a suburban 5-star hotel for an interview or a “cosy chat” as she calls it. But when we land there, she is still busy shooting for the cover of a magazine.  “20 minutes. Please!” She tells us apologetically. Not a problem, we say as we spend time talking to her amazing husband, Daniel Weber. Daniel, by the way, is every journo’s fave as he manages Sunny’s work and hectic day-to-day schedule. He is the one who schedules interviews and shoots for her.

Daniel, Sunny’s husband

Sunny leone on marriage @TheRoyaleIndia


Born in the USA, Daniel is originally from Israel and has even served in the army there at the age of 17. A musician, he has a rock band where he is the singer and the lead guitarist. He is also a hard-nosed businessman. Cool and composed, he is a treasure trove of information about everything – from the USA, Donald Trump, travelling to secluded places in the world, making your business a success… Very interesting!

My Husband Is My Rock

Sunny leone with husband daniel webber @TheRoyaleIndia


Sunny Leone wouldn’t be here today if Daniel wasn’t there. He made Sunny Leone who she is! He is my best friend, my support, my rock… everything” quips Sunny as she joins us at the table. Dressed in an emerald velvet jacket, black vest and black pants, she looks absolutely gorgeous. We ask her, “So it’s been six years of marriage for you?” Sunny grins and looks lovingly at Daniel, and says, “Yes, six years of marriage and three years of dating – nine years – and it’s been absolutely wonderful!” And Sunny goes on to give her take on marriage and Bollywood…

Secret To A Happy Marriage

Sunny leone husband daniel webber @TheRoyaleIndia

“I think its mutual respect. Daniel and I have always respected each other as individuals. Yes, love makes the world go ‘round. But it’s respect that is the backbone of any relationship. Of course, Daniel and I do argue – we are husband and wife, after all! But we argue, fight, laugh and makeup almost immediately. Also, even in our worst arguments, we have never crossed the line. One should remember that harsh words are like bullets, once you utter them, it causes devastation! And you can’t take the words back, so the wound never gets healed. So, I think it’s essential for every couple to remember never to cross the line.”

The First Meeting

Sunny leone daniel webber husband musician @TheRoyaleIndia


Daniel and I met at his music concert. And he wooed me with flowers, CDs, chocolates. We were dating for three years when he popped the question. And I, of course, said ‘yes’. And from then on, marriage has been a wonderful partnership. I’m actually living with my best friend who is also my husband. It’s a great space.”

Marriage Mantras

“I lost both my parents but Daniel has filled the void. He is always there for me. We discuss everything under the sky. In fact, everything I do, Daniel takes the call. He looks after all the nitty-gritties while I am just happy to concentrate on my acting.”

Bollywood Moments

Sunny leone bollywood @TheRoyaleIndia


“When I entered Bollywood, I actually didn’t have a clue about anything. Who the actors, producers, directors were… I was born and bred in Canada to Sikh parents. There, as kids, we watched Bollywood films, but we didn’t have a clue who the actors were, etc. But when Daniel and I came here, we treated everybody with respect – from the biggest to the not-so-big person. People here are wonderful. And thanks to Daniel, I haven’t been exposed to anything nasty. Of course, I do have to work harder than most actors because when I first arrived, I didn’t know Hindi. We spoke Punjabi at home. So I got myself a Hindi tutor, brushed up on my acting skills and dialogue delivery. I am not a very good dancer, but I learnt dancing. Yes, a lot of hard work has gone into becoming an actor here.”

Working With Shah Rukh Khan

Sunny leone shah rukh khan raees @TheRoyaleIndia


“Shah Rukh is honestly one of the nicest persons here. He is courteous – wherever he meets Daniel and me – he goes out of his way to come and talk to us. When I was offered ‘Laila Main Laila’, I was absolutely over the moon. And the song is really nice too. I believe it’s already doing very well, so I’m really glad!”

With those words, the interview comes to an end. Sunny says bye with a hug. With her positive attitude and sunny demeanour, Sunny Leone will definitely rule… if not the Bollywood dicey number ranking, but definitely the hearts of the people!

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