5 Pants to get through the summer in Style

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Summers in India are one reason to replace your tight fitting jeans with skimpy skirts and shorts. However, not all of us feel comfortable in them. While that’s the case, some of us would go back to wearing the same old tight jeans in this unbearable heat, thinking there’s no other option. So, what can we replace this essential part of our clothing with? Worry not; here are 5 types of very comfortable pants that are in vogue this season.


Black And White Palazzo Pants @TheRoyaleIndia

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The Palazzo style which was a big deal in the 70’s has made a major comeback in the last few years. They’re available in so many varieties that you’ll want to pick each and every one of them!

Palazzo Pants @TheRoyaleIndia

These very comfy pants can be worn anywhere from office to dates to beaches and even parties. Just pair them with a suitable top and you’re good to go. Plus they make you look really tall!

Printed Skinnies - Monochrome Skinnies

Monochrome Skinnies @TheRoyaleIndia

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Monochrome or colourful, printed skinnies are in this season for their trendy and casual look.

Floral Print Skinnies @TheRoyaleIndia

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Plus, they are quite comfortable and look great when paired with t-shirts, tank tops and the like.

Multi Colored Skinnies @TheRoyaleIndia

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Add some trendy jewellery if you like and you’re ready for your casual summer day out.

Loose-fit pleated trousers

Loose Fit Trousers @TheRoyaleIndia

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Whether you have to run off for an important meeting or just have to spend another day at work, loose-fitting pleated trousers look absolutely stunning for any formal event.

Loose Fit Pants @TheRoyaleIndia

Pair it with a nice shirt, or try a semi-formal look by pairing it with a bag. They’re very airy, comfortable and look really great on skinny legs.

Capri pants

Yellow Capri Pants @TheRoyaleIndia

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If Capri pants sound childish to you then you haven’t seen the variety that’s available out there. You can wear them for a casual day out, for a business meeting, or even a party!

Printed Capri Pants

Printed Capri Pants @TheRoyaleIndia

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Choose printed ones for casual purposes and the plain ones for a business-like feel, also the look of these pants adds edge to your overall attire.

Formal Capri Pants

Formal Capri Pants @TheRoyaleIndia

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Just the right pairing will do the trick for you.

High waist pants

High Waist Pants @TheRoyaleIndia

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Formal, trendy, classy!!! Everything is possible with high waist pants. High waist pants have been in style for quite some time. And by the looks of the new designs and styles storming into the markets, we can be sure that they’re here to stay.

High Waist Fashion @TheRoyaleIndia

High waist pants are best friends with crop tops and picking these lovelies will always be the best fashion decision no matter what. Not to forget they accentuate your curves just perfectly!

Cargo pants

Cargo Pants @TheRoyaleIndia

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A savior for the tomboys, cargo pants will never go out of vogue. Especially for the summer they’re very convenient to wear and comfortable to be in. A tank top and cargo pants is a classic combo that has been very well known.

Cargo Pants For Women @TheRoyaleIndia

However, you can try a bit of mixing and matching and end up with something completely new. There are many options available for you to explore. Pair them with a hat and sunglasses and you’re ready to steal the show!

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