Beat The Summer Heat With These 7 Handy Makeup Tips

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Summers here, a time when applying even a little amount of makeup holds the risk of having your face look like a melting ice cream. From a best friend, makeup turns into your worst enemy during summers. All thanks to the irritable and sweaty weather we’re bestowed with during the season. But giving up on makeup is not an acceptable option for us, especially when we’re so used to wearing it every day.

So, here we present 7 amazing makeup hacks that’ll help you look beautiful even in this sweaty hot weather:

1. Swap Foundation For A Tinted Moisturizer

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Foundations are bound to turn cakey, especially on hot summer days, thus making your skin look like cracked walls. Use a tinted moisturiser instead, and if you really can’t do without a foundation, brush some powder foundation on top of the moisturiser but only on areas you need it the most.

2. Bye-Bye Lipsticks, Hello Tinted Lip Balms

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Summers are not the time for heavy lip colours anyway. It’s time to use warmer shades and thinner lip decorators. And what could be better than a nice and warm shade of tinted lip balm? They’re extremely light, look great on the lips too. Just make sure to go with the lip balms with SPF to protect your lips from the sun.

3. Lipstick Lovers, Use Foundation As Base

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If you’re one of those belles who really cannot live without lipsticks, and lip balms just won’t do the trick for you, here’s another makeup hack. Apply some foundation on your lips and then apply lipstick on top. That helps the lipstick stay longer, and gives a smooth base so that the lipstick doesn’t crinkle.

4. Use Eye Primer As A Base For Eye Makeup

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Before applying your eyeshadow, make sure you apply a little primer on your eye lids. The primer serves as a base for the eyeshadow which stops the shadow from looking creasy and also helps it stay long.

5. Go Water-resistant!

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Instead of waterproof, it is the time you switch to water-resistant makeup since it is a comparatively mild and doesn’t harm your skin. Before stepping out, though, do a hot shower test to make sure that the makeup is good to go. Just turn on the hot shower, and keep your face near hot water. If your makeup does not melt even in the hot steam, you’re good to go!

6. Always Keep A Makeup Sponge Handy

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Even with all that is said and done, we know that you can never be too prepared for the ruthless hot summers. So, for the worst case scenarios, make sure you always carry a makeup sponge and some blotting papers in your bag. A time-to-time check-up of your makeup to see if it needs tending to with the sponge is never a bad idea.

7. Go Light But Be Vibrant

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The final advice we’ll give you is that during this wonderful season try to revel in your natural beauty as far as possible. Keep the makeup minimal, but choose vibrant colours that’ll make you stand out and look like a beautiful summer belle and a fresh pop of colour on a dreary and hot summer day.

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