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If you are a huge fan of the popular Hollywood movie ’10 things I hate about you’, you would most ardently remember Julia Stiles telling Heath Ledge about how she was ‘sweating like a pig’ when he tries conversing with her the first time. The most romantic comeback by a girl to a guy pursuing her, ain’t it? Not!

With summer follows all the things that could go wrong in terms of making an impression or, perhaps, maintaining your dignity. You leave home dressed in your best and turn up at the intended venue like a parched and homeless person in desperate need of a shower. While there isn’t much we can do to make your summers bearable, we can sure lift your spirits with a few giggle-worthy incidents that are sure to relate with quite a lot of few of you!

  • Spectacle Woes

If you, like me, wear spectacles, you surely know the feeling to having to frequently wipe your glasses so they don’t fall off from the perch on your noses due to all sweat! And no matter how many times you wipe it off, it just gets worse and worse every time!

Tip: Carry packs of tissues in your bag

  • Terror personified

Summers is the time almost all of us resemble terrorists, what with our scarves covering most of our faces. While we may find it embarrassing, there is no prevention better than being terror personified! So bear with the heat and continue the tradition.

Tip: Use light coloured, cotton scarves so you don’t suffocate yourself.

  • Uneven tanning

There is nothing worse than being unevenly tanned! By the time summer arrives, we start sporting red (read: sunburnt) or brown faces with a comparatively lighter toned body. And if you sport bangs or wear sunglasses often, you will even have the outline to prove it!

Tip: Always wear sunscreen!

  • To wear or not to wear

The biggest question arising in the summers is what to wear. No matter how airy your outfit, you are going to want to tear it off the moment the first drop of sweat trickles down. Wish as much as you might, you cannot really wear your cosy shorts and tank tops to your office.

Tip: Wear loose, cotton outfits.

  • Tresses being a bane

If you have long hair, you might as well start dreading the summers a couple of months before it even strikes! Those lovely locks of yours are bound to be a pain when you are out in the sun, trying to look your best, trying being the keyword. Look up hairstyles and haircuts that will let you stay the coolest without having to lose your precious locks.

Tip: Invest a good shampoo and soap that keeps you cool

  • Sweaty travel adventures

Getting from one place to another is sure to be a task in the summers. The only way you can survive this is if you have learnt the secret of carrying your AC along with you wherever you go. So if you are a frequent local train or bus traveller that is crowded to the brim with people as sweaty as you, brace yourselves for the assault to your senses.

Tip: Keep deos and perfumes handy wherever you go.

  • Embarrassing wet patches

This is something that takes less than a minute to happen, no matter how much to try to fan your body. Your clothes are going to land you in embarrassing situations with wet patches of sweat covering you from head to toe.

Tip: There is nothing you can do to save yourself the embarrassment. Prepare yourselves to be mortified instead.

Now that we’ve had a good laugh, let’s get to our summer shopping!

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