Here’s How To Get The Perfect Maharashtrian Look This Gudi Padwa

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The festival of new beginnings, celebrating togetherness, and another excuse to dress up is here! Gudi Padwa is just around the corner and we’re ready to welcome it with open arms and an open wardrobe. Gudi Padwa is a festival to celebrate the beginning of the New Year according to the Hindu (Marathi) calendar. While we’re all looking forward to the sweets, fireworks, Gudi and quality time with family this New Year brings, we women are most excited to get that Gudi Padwa look right.

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Yes, we’re talking about the nauvari saree and the authentic Maharashtrian look. The intricate folds of the nauvari saree, the subtle makeup and the elegant hair updo might look like its overwhelmingly difficult, but it really isn’t. Besides, the time it takes to dress up is totally worth the compliments you will be showered with later on. So, let’s get started, shall we?

  • Get The Nauvari Folds Right
Traditional nauvari saree gudi padwa @TheRoyaleIndia

For those who don’t already know, Nauvari saree, also known as kaashtha is a Maharashtrian saree draping style. The saree is usually a nine-yard long one which is why it is called Nau (nine) – vari saree. Since it functions a bit like dhoti, it is quite comfortable to be in. Here’s how you drape one.

  1. Wear slacks and start tucking your saree from left to right and tie the knot to secure the pleats.

  2. Take the pallu of the saree on your left shoulder.

  3. Now start making pleats with the rest of the saree. Hold the pleats together, wrap them together and tuck it in around your waist.

  4. Grab the center-most pleat, take it to the backside and tuck it towards the back like a dhoti.

Gudi padwa sarees with modern twist @TheRoyaleIndia

Well, not so difficult, is it? Make sure you pick bright colours like yellow, blue, green and red to make it look festive. But in case you want to go contemporary, try sarees with interesting graphic patterns and prints.

  • Subtle Makeup To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Maharashtrian makeup gudi padwa @TheRoyaleIndia

Makeup is just a small part of the Gudi Padwa get-up, so make sure you do not go overboard with your choices. A light shade of lipstick, a light blusher and some kohl is more than enough. You could add some eye shadow too if you’re big on eye makeup.

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The most important part of your makeup is your bindi. The chandrakor bindi (half-moon) is the key to looking oh so elegant in your Maharashtrian attire. Whatever you do, make sure you apply it right.

  • The Elegant Hair Updo

Gudi padwa hairstyles @TheRoyaleIndia

The hair updo is quite simple. You can even leave your hair open if you like, but since we’re all about looking authentic, it’s best if you tried a hair updo with a middle partition.

You could even tie a normal hair bun since we’re going to decorate it with gajras (flower garlands) anyway.

  • Authentic Maharashtrian Jewellery

Gudi padwa jewellery @TheRoyaleIndia

Last but not the least, adorn yourself with Maharashtrian jewellery. It’s not a problem if you don’t already own it, you can wear the ones you have.

A nathani (nose ring) is a must to get the look right, though. Lots of bangles, earrings, thushi (small necklace) and a big necklace and you’re good to go.

Well, follow these steps and you’ll definitely earn a few whistles and ‘Waah chaan’ for your efforts.

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