7 Super-Chic Ways To Style Your Culottes Right

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They have been all the rage since the last two summers. Fashionistas all over the world are sporting these, and looking stylish. Culottes! That’s what we are talking about. These stylish wear made their way back into the fashion scene last year and looked like they are here to stay. Indian celebrities love them. They are comfortable, and you can wear these on outings – both casual and for work.

What are culottes?

How to style your culottes @TheRoyaleIndia

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Let’s start with the basics. For all of you who aren’t familiar with this trend, Culottes are like a long divided skirt. These are the length of a midi skirt and flare at the hem. These are flowy and loose. Culottes are worn by women nowadays, but in earlier days they were worn by upper-class European men. Of course, these looked different back then. This special clothing has evolved with the time and looks completely different now.

Street style or high-fashion

Chic ways to wear culottes @TheRoyaleIndia

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While culottes may seem like a high-end fashion, these aren’t at all just meant for the wealthy. Culottes have become a hot favourite off the ramp and on the street. There are plenty of ways you can sport a fashionable pair of culottes. The best part about this garment is that it lends your entire outfit a cool yet elegant vibe.

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You can set the tone right by pairing it with the correct top. For example, if you are in the mood of a casual coffee outing, wear your culottes with a cute t-shirt. And, if you are going on a date, pair it with a feminine, lacy top and you are good to go!

Ways to make your culottes super-chic

There are plenty of ways you can stand out from the rest of the Culottes wearing brigade. These seven styles will ensure you look your chicest best!

Style 1: Go with a casual crop tee and sneaker look

Culottes sneakers casual tee @TheRoyaleIndia

Go for the casual look. This is the best way to be comfy. Pick colours that are in contrast with your culottes. Or, you can choose crop tops that have a personality of their own – from cheeky quotes to graphic prints, take your pick.

Style 2: Wear a snazzy pair of heels!

Culottes high heels

Go for an utterly stunning pair of heels that. Since your culottes end at your ankles (or maybe a little above that), your heels will be the centre of attention of your outfit.

Style 3: Play the prints game

Try printed culottes @TheRoyaleIndia

Pair a plain unicolor top with a multi-colored printed culottes. You can even go for bright colours and abstract patterns, just stick to the colours that you like. Add a bit of accessories and you are ready!

Style 4: Tuck in your shirt

Culottes styling tips tuck in shirts @TheRoyaleIndia

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You can also pair your shirt with a culotte. Just tuck in your button-down shirt in your culotte. Go for bright colours as they will add glamour to your outfit. You can also try Bhumi Pednekar’s look for a formal evening out.

Style 5: Do the semi-corporate look in monochromes

Go monochrome in culottes for office wear work @TheRoyaleIndia

Win the monochrome game by playing black and white in culottes. Pair it with a big bag and opt for peep-toes and voila, you are ready for that office lunch party!

Style 6: Wearing it with kurtas

culottes paired with kurtas @TheRoyaleIndia

Take cues from Deepika Padukone’s character in Piku and wear your culottes with kurtas. They add the perfect ethnic touch and yet keep the trendy vibe flowing. Plus, they look super cool in the summers and are equally great for monsoon as well. God knows how terrible it is to fold your leggings in the rains! With culottes, there’s absolutely no hassle.

Style 7: Of Co-ords, hats and shrugs!

Culottes with hat shrug @TheRoyaleIndia

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You can also wear co-ord culottes. These are perfect for day outings. You can also add more drama to your outfit by throwing on a jacket, shrug or capes. Complete the look with a pair of matching hat.

So now that you know how to style culottes, swish out those credit cards and get your culotte! Stay stylish!

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