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Taking a cruise is on almost everybody’s travel bucket list. A cruise offers you a variety of experiences in one go. You can not only indulge in the beauty of the horizon constantly but also explore new cities. Right from beach getaways to snorkelling, your cruise itinerary consists of almost everything! But, did you know that cruise is also exciting because you get to show off your wardrobe almost every day, multiple times! Read on to know what to whisk away from your wardrobe on your cruise vacation:

  • OCCASION: For a dip in the pool or for the fitness freak in you!

Cruise Poolside Outfit @TheRoyaleIndia



ACCESSORIES: Keep it minimalistic to a fitness watch or a band. If you absolutely love accessories then a beaded necklace and simple tops as earrings are also a great option.

STYLE OF THE DRESS: One of the best investments is to buy a wraparound for your swimwear. You can also put on a loose top over the swimwear while going to the pool.

For men, the fitness watch or band is a great idea while going for fitness. Both can don shorts and t-shirt ensembles for fitness related activities.

  • OCCASION: For a day stroll or indoor activities!

Cruise Day Stroll Outfit @TheRoyaleIndia



ACCESSORIES: Pairing up a pearl bracelet for the day with pearl earrings with any of your sundresses. For men, big dial leather watches should be considered almost like an essential for a day stroll. Also, putting on those stylish hats would just spice up your look even more.

STYLE OF THE DRESS: While shorts are your best bet to carry for any daytime activity on the cruise, you can spice up your day stroll with bright or pastel sundresses as well. It is best to choose your day attire as per the geographical location. If it is too sunny and hot, then strappy summer dresses are the best to take along with you. Men can show off their holiday bodies in pastel linen shirts and khaki or beige shorts.

  • OCCASION: For the city exploration!

Cruise City Exploration Accessories @TheRoyaleIndia



ACCESSORIES: Big earrings and bracelets are definite keeps. Men can wear loafers, suede or leather, and both should definitely not forget sunglasses. Sunglasses help protect your eyes from cold as well as the harsh sun. Scarves are also a great add-on to your ensemble.

STYLE OF THE DRESS: You can choose georgette or silk shirts paired up with palazzos while heading out in the town and if you are going to a slightly conservative city, then the aforementioned ensemble is as decent as it gets. You will be welcomed with respect, and you will avoid any trouble. Men can stick to the age-old proven fashion formula of whites with denim.

  • OCCASION: For underwater expeditions!

Cruise Snorkel Expedition @TheRoyaleIndia



ACCESSORIES: For underwater activities, it is unsafe to keep any additional accessories. Sticking to your fitness gear is the safest bet.

STYLE OF THE DRESS: If you want to go out snorkelling or have a lot of physical activities planned for the day- then tank tops and shorts are minimalistic and perfect. For guys, sports t-shirts, especially lycra t-shirts are a great idea.

  • OCCASION: Evening Endeavours!

Cruise Evening Formal Outfit @TheRoyaleIndia



ACCESSORIES: It is finally time to take out those jewellery sets. Put on your necklaces as well as those big earrings in your jewellery chest and pair them up with bracelets and hair accessories to keep it classy. Do not forget to make use of Myntra coupons to get chic jewellery at unbelievably affordable price.

STYLE OF THE DRESS: This is the best time to show off your silk and evening gowns. For men, it is always good to wear a crisply ironed shirt with jeans and evening jackets if you want to keep it classy yet formal. Otherwise, a dark collared t-shirt with jeans is also a good option for comfortable wear.

With all your packing needs in place now, hope your cruise vacation becomes all the more fun!

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