Style Mantras To Stripe It Up!!!

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Stripes are always chic and give a very fresh look. While it does look trendy, the trick is to wear them right. Yes! They can make you look fat. But if you follow a few tips and tricks with the stripes, it can actually look very flattering. Here are a few suggestions that can help you use the power of optical illusion to your benefit.

Accessorize with Stripes

Striped Scarf @TheRoyaleIndia

It is not necessary to wear stripes only on your body. Safest way to debut in the world of stripes is with striped accessories. Introduce a little stripe with a scarf, jewellery or shoes. The best part is, simply by adding a few accessories, you will look in vogue. An endless loop striped scarf will do wonders when it serves as an accent piece for your outfit.

Striped Handbag @TheRoyaleIndia

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Get Stylish in Stripes by carrying a striped handbag. It will work with any outfit which is in a single colour. Coordinate the colour of your striped accessories with your outfit and look stunning or add a punch to your look by choosing bright colours like green, orange or pink.

Striped Shoes @TheRoyaleIndia

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You can also wear stripes on your feet! Try ballet flats or loafers with subtle or bold striped designs.

Striped Dresses

Striped Dresses @TheRoyaleIndia

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Striped dresses add a zing to your wardrobe. Try to experiment with diagonal stripes or vertical stripes; try these on the part of the body you want to look slimmest.

Striped Top @TheRoyaleIndia

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You have options galore with designs, so you can choose elegant, casual or formal striped dress. A sleeveless striped dress would be perfect for a sunny day. You can then coordinate it with a jacket or a cardigan for a more formal occasion. Long skinny stripes help elongate your figure. If you consider your figure worth flaunting, choose a form fitting striped dress which can look quite flattering and modern. Try multi-coloured stripes to reflect a saucy attitude.

Horizontal Striped Dress @TheRoyaleIndia

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Horizontal stripes are considered to add few more kilograms to your look. But choosing the right width of the stripes and with a correct colour, it might just do some magic.

Pair it with stripes

Striped Pants @TheRoyaleIndia

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Vertically striped pants and skirts are all you need to add a few inches to your height. It makes you look slimmer and taller. Get yourself a gorgeous pair of striped pants. Keep it simple yet stylish, by wearing a solid coloured top or a printed shirt with it. Give it a more formal look by dressing up in a blazer. You ought to look a fashion diva.

Striped Skirt @TheRoyaleIndia

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A striped skirt with a plain top looks just fab!!! You can also make your maxi dress look like a skirt, by layering a t-shirt on it. A striped shirt or t-shirt is a must have in your stylish wardrobe. You can wear it with absolutely anything.

Striped Top With Skinny Jeans @TheRoyaleIndia

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Wear an oversized striped shirt with a skinny pair of jeans. Wear a blazer on a striped shirt for a more formal look. Match it with a pleated skirt. Accessorize it with metallic embellishments or add a dash of colour with you bag. To enhance your striped pair look, wear either the striped top or the striped skirt/pant.

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