Step by step guide to declutter your home

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It is absolutely necessary to declutter your personal space regularly. Cleaning up your home helps you in getting rid it of unhealthy energy. You will agree when I say, all of us have many things that we don’t actually need. You can always get rid of unwanted things and hence create space in your home. Innumerable families are bedevilled by household clutter and common spots are home offices, children’s bedrooms, attics, and garages. Check out the below mentioned 10 key steps to de-clutter your home.

Overwhelmed by the idea of clearing out the clutter in your home? Focus on one room at a time. Even if that is a lot for you, you can always start with one area in the room. Just remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” so now stop worrying and begin de-cluttering!!


boxes for removing clutter @TheRoyaleIndia

boxes for removing clutter

You can always donate things that you haven’t used in last six months. Trust me, you will find immense pleasure in letting go of the things that you really don’t need anymore. The act of giving is surely motivational enough, isn’t it?

Now once you have given away, all the things that you don’t need, start finding space for every item that is still present. One of the many reasons of things piling up is that they don’t have assigned space. Store items in the room where they will be actually used. Also, store similar items together. Thumb Rule – All frequently used things should be easily accessible.

You can always play the clutter cop. Bring those things in home, which you will be actually using. For example – Freebies, who doesn’t like get a complimentary T-shirt or coffee mug, but then think twice before you accept it. Will you really need it? Use it? Or even enjoy it? If answer to any of these questions is negative then simply decline it.

remove unwanted books @TheRoyaleIndia

remove unwanted books

Now, let’s say if you are a voracious reader. You can always borrow books from the public library rather than buying books. Got the bottom line? You should look for ways to block unnecessary items before they enter your home.

You should some detective work in your home every now and them. Once in a while scan your personal space for clutter spots and find out why things pile up there. Once you find out the reasons, you can easily find out a way to reduce the clutter.

Start using your imagination for de-cluttering objects that may appear difficult to remove. You may be surprised with your creative techniques which may actually help you to remove unneeded clutter.

Try using the Four-Box Method – begin with de-cluttering your home with four boxes each of them marked as trash, donate, use, or relocate. Start adding each item in one of these categories. You may take a little more time than expected, but then this technique is definitely useful.

You should set limits on the time you spend to de-clutter any area. You can work for 10 minutes and then take a break and then work again. This way you won’t be guilty as well. Spend at least 10 minutes daily in de-cluttering and you will be surprised by the change in your home.

Reward yourself with something you truly cherished for, if you feel you done a commendable job of decluttering your home. This reward will motivate you to work towards your next session of de-cluttering.

Decluttering just got easy. Didn’t it?

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