Stay Sun-Kissed With The Right Make Up (6 Quick Tips)

March 21, 2015 Stay Sun-Kissed With The Right Make Up (6 Quick Tips) @TheRoyaleIndia 1288 0 0

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Summer is already on our heads and the unbelievable heat that is going to follow, is sure going to make our faces look like they’re melting, thanks to makeup. But even while bearing the pangs of heat, we ladies cannot compromise on it, for makeup is our ally and everyday savior. As difficult as it may seem to enjoy the season and look absolutely fabulous at the same time, it really is not. It is easily possible to get these pangs of heat in your favor and turn them into pangs of jealousy for others. So open your arms and invite the summer heat with a warm embrace.

Here are a few easy but useful makeup tips that’ll make life easier during summer months

Get rid of the oil

Wash your face thorougly @TheRoyaleIndia

The excessive heat and humid climate makes our skin very oily in the months of summer which is the greatest enemy of our beloved, makeup. It is advised to wash your face thoroughly with an oil preventive cleanser that will leave your skin healthy and oil-free for the long outdoor hours.

No foundation please!

do not use foundation in summer @TheRoyaleIndia

Foundations, no matter how useful they might’ve been to you, it’s best if you kept them away during summers. The excessive heat causes your skin to steam up and let out body heat due to which the foundation will fall apart. However, if you cannot skip foundation, apply a primer first and then go with the foundation.

Get down to the basics:

woman using a concealer @TheRoyaleIndia

It’s always advisable since if not using a foundation, to use a light powder on your face that will become a base for your makeup. Also use a concealer wherever necessary and an eye shadow primer to avoid creases in your makeup.

Eyes do all the talking

water resistant mascara @TheRoyaleIndia

They say eyes are the window to the soul, and so we should concentrate more on the eyes while grooming than any other part of our body. Go with an eyelash curler for a graceful appearance and apply a water-resistant mascara that will make the flutter of your eyes the talk of the town!

Make ‘em lips like sugar shine:

How to apply lip gloss @TheRoyaleIndia

Since its summer, it is advisable to tone it down on the colours. Try shades of peach, mellow pink and subtle oranges that will look simple but make a lasting impression. Apply a light coat of foundation before putting the lipstick on to make it last longer in the vicious heat. If you’re not very keen on lipsticks you could simple go on with a light shade of lip gloss.

Now that you’re done, retain it:

using tissues for makeup @TheRoyaleIndia

Your face looks like a million dollars with the fabulous job you’ve done on it. However, don’t forget that the heat can ruin your masterpiece. It’s only a matter of time after all. Always keep tissues and a makeup sponge handy so that you can blot any sweat or oiliness which might appear after a long day.

have a happy summer @TheRoyaleIndia

While we could advice you about what colours to choose and whether smokey eyes or something else works best, it really is a subjective matter. You know best what suits your complexion. Which colour will go best with the dress you’re wearing or what kind of eye makeup would look appealing, it’s all up to you. So it’s advisable to follow all the upper tips which will definitely help you have a beautiful summer. While which colours to use and why, it’s best if you left that on your own intuition.

P.S Have a Happy Summer!

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