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Losing weight becomes a herculean task when life is torn between work and home, in such situation, you may not even bother about exercise a second thought. Nor can they think about going on a diet, as working for long hours with an empty and rumbling stomach is a mission in itself. So how to lose weight without hampering your busy work schedule? Following are few tips which might prove to be somehow helpful in your journey towards attaining fitness without interrupting your work life much.

Use Stairs, Stay Fit

Stay Fit, Take Stair to Stay Fit at Work @TheRoyaleIndia

The ideal way to ward off that stubborn lard is to include regular exercise in your schedule, regardless of how busy the day is. Exercise is essential to burn calories, a minimum of 45 minutes per day and more shall work well. The 45 minutes exercise does not have to be all at once, several short segments shall definitely help you in losing weight steadily over the period. Consider a walk around your office’s premise during lunch break or opt for flights of stairs to your office rather than the elevator.

Inexpensive Alternative

Inexpensive Alternative to Stay Fit at Work @TheRoyaleIndia

If money is not an issue, consider buying few small fitness equipment like hand weights, resistance bands, and yoga mats in your office locker. Set your computer to give an alarm at least four times throughout the day to remind you for exercise.

Eat Wisely

Eat Wisely to Stay Fit at Work @TheRoyaleIndia

In terms of diet, the change that most busy workers need to make is to avoid fast food. Fat laden junk foods like cheeseburgers, fries and even milkshakes are high on calories and sodium, which slow your weight loss efforts. Instead, have a balanced and nutritious food which is minimum in saturated fat, simple sugars and sodium. Opt for healthy snack choices that helps in improving the metabolic process and also makes you feel fuller till next meal. 

Drink More Water

Drink More Water to Stay Fit at Work @TheRoyaleIndia

Have at least eight glasses of water in a day to keep your body organs hydrated. The more your body stays hydrated; the better is your metabolism which in turn helps improve the calorie burning process. 

Losing weight can be challenging, especially for people with a busy schedule. And there are certain set of people who get easily discouraged when they fail to lose weight within days of starting the programme. Do not lose heart and continue working hard toward ultimate goal with this simple and effective tips. All it require is a foresight and proper planning. 

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