Stay Cool With Hats This Summer (7 Style Tips)

April 9, 2015 Stay Cool WIth Hats This Summer (6 Style Tips) @TheRoyaleIndia 1010 0 0

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You must have heard that there is a hat for every season, but this might leave you surprised that there is a hat for every face shape, surprised right? The mantra says, smaller the size of the face, smaller should be the hat been worn. Here’s a cool way to find the shape of your face.

Stand in front of a large, stationery mirror and look straight into it. With the help of a marker (see that it isn’t permanent) trace the shape of your mirrored face. Once you do that check this list to find out which hat will suit you.

Oblong Face

Floppy Hats @TheRoyaleIndia

If your face’s shape is like Jessica Alba or Sarah Jessica Parker you should choose a hat which gives a wider look i.e., the one having a wider brim. Hats you should don should include-floppy hats and newsboys. Floppy hats go best with a summer floral dress.

Round Face

High Brim Hat @TheRoyaleIndia

The round faced people will certainly look very sweet in appearance in a hat with a tall crown and high brim. This is your ideal hat, something like a fedora and a bow conductor. Coordinate them with cowgirl attire and high boots or something jazzy.

Diamond Face

Fedora Hats @TheRoyaleIndia

Since your face has a lot of angles; you can soothe them by wearing a fedora.

Oval Face

Wide Brim Hats @TheRoyaleIndia

You people can experiment the most but see to it that you wear hats with a wide brim. Floppy hats and wide brimmed hats will look best on you and the best thing is; these hats go with almost everything.

Square Face

Bowler Hats @TheRoyaleIndia

You’ve got very sharp features, your aim should be to soften them and make it look narrow in appearance. A hat with soft, feminine features and a high brim should be your right choice. A bowler hat will look best on you. It goes well with a short dress.

Heart-shaped Face

Summer Cloche Hat @TheRoyaleIndia

A hat with a medium brim and a few soft angles should be your ideal one. Choose a hat like cloche which goes well with a long skirt, a pencil skirt or an overcoat.

Triangular Face

Beanie Hat @TheRoyaleIndia

Oh my! Upset at having a small face? You need not be as you can try out cute beanies. Also, team up with an oversized t-shirt and skinny jeans or a small frock for a complete look. Avoid wearing oversized hats as they will make your face look even smaller.

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