7 Ways to Add An Interesting Touch To Your Staircase

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When it comes to decorating homes, most of us restrict ourselves with living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchen. The thought of decorating our staircase hardly crosses our mind. Don’t you feel that staircase, being such an important area of your otherwise stunning house should compliment, if not outstand the beauty of your place? From the lyrics of your favourite song to visual illusions, there are numerous options to choose from.

Well, in this article we have rounded up 7 interesting ways of revamping your staircase and adding an interesting touch to it:

1. Washi Tape

Staircase washi tape @TheRoyaleIndia

I am sure you must have used the colourful washi tapes for different purposes such as craft, but did you know that you could bring vibrancy to your dull staircase area. Washi tapes can be one of the most pocket-friendly and effective ways to bring about a dramatic change in the way your stairs look.

2. Adding Green Friends

Staircase plants @TheRoyaleIndia

Your green friends can also find a place on your stairs. Adding small plants on the corner of stairs will add an interesting touch to your living room. Apart from beautifying the place, plants also purify the air in your house. Isn’t it the best deal one can think of?

3. Wall Papers

Staircase messages wallpapers @TheRoyaleIndia

Do you think wall papers are meant only for walls? Well, your stairs might also need a little wallpaper work to make them look stunning. You can add graphic designs or something quirky, from naughty crawling creatures like rats to large spiders or even cute kitty, you can find a lot of variety in the market. So, let your imagination do the talking!

4. Paint It Red

Staircase painting @TheRoyaleIndia

Well, painting the staircase can be a great fun activity that you can enjoy with your kids on a weekend. Splash the colours you are in love with or draw patterns, and figures that speak volume about your personality. Whatever it is, do not forget to add your personal touch.

5. Rope It Up

Staircase ropes @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: desiretoinspire.net

You can also go the unusual way by replacing the conventional glass, wood or metal stair railing with thick ropes. Yes, you heard it right; we are asking you to the old-school ways. Ropes can add an element of interest to your staircase. If you don’t have a staircase and wish for a little support while climbing the stairs, then there cannot be anything better than ropes.

6. Make It A Family Place

Staircase family pictures @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: gipinheiro.files.wordpress.com

Quiet often we look for a place to hang all those family pictures from your last trip to Kashmir. So, why not utilise the space in the staircase and make it a family place. You can get your favourite pictures framed and just hang them on the stair’s wall.

7. Number It

Staircase numbered stairs @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: decoritem.com

Have you ever thought of numbering your stairs? Well, it can be a simple and elegant, yet interesting way to add an edge to your stairs. And you know what the best part of this idea is – it will be absolutely easy on your pocket and you don’t need to be an artist to be able to put on the stickers.

So, now that you already know how to add an edge to your stairs, you can go ahead and let your creative side out.

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