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You won’t believe how soon you are going to celebrate your first wedding anniversary…your first year has been full of so many new and exciting things going on in your life that it passed like a breeze…But to keep the best memories of this special year, you can plan on surprising your partner with some amazing gifts.

Traditionally, the first year gifts are signified by paper alternatively a modern day option is to gift a clock or watch. But you can always make your special day more special by not following the norms…

Journals or ScrapBooks

Journals or ScrapBooks @TheRoyaleIndia

Traditionally following the paper theme, a journal or scrapbook or dairy is the perfect gift. It’s a way to preserve memories of the first year as well as all the following years. In the journal you may also include photos of special moments, stickers and stationery to go with. Make it even more special by presenting him/her with personalized letter pads so he/she can use them to communicate with friends and family regarding your life as newlyweds.

Watches & Clocks

watches and clocks @TheRoyaleIndia

The clock or watch theme gives a lot of gifting options. How about silver watch for her or an antique hanging pocket watch for him? And each could include a personal inscription (your name/ your anniversary date or even a love note) at the back making it all the more special. If you are thinking about a clock you could have one designed with something that is special to both of you…like a heart or a flower or with pictures of you together.


tickets @TheRoyaleIndia

Still prefer the paper theme, tickets could be for anything depending on the individuals taste. For a sports fan, these could be for a final of their favourite teams match. An interesting idea would be to gift a game memorabilia or an autographed copy of game book. For lovers of art and movies, you could frame a poster of some classic favourite movie or go for a performing arts event.

Travel Goods

travel goods @TheRoyaleIndia

For the world traveller, the options are endless. Choose from having a world map enclosed in a framework which the recipient can pin the places visited together. Or choose a set of travel guides that you are planning to visit soon as a couple. These could also include language books, city maps and road atlases. And if you want to go back to the clock theme then a travel watch or alarm clock with dual faces that offer multiple time zones management make an ideal first anniversary gift. This could be useful the next time you two go out on a vacation.

Memory Box

memory box  @TheRoyaleIndia

This one is really special. Take a box and fill it up with the all the souvenirs of your time together as a couple. Starting with the bill from the restaurant you met for the first date. Then keep adding the movie ticket that you watched for the first time together. Events attended and pics taken during the times that you spend together during the first year including your honeymoon. And then close the box and decorate it.

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