Sony’s next phone to focus on selfie

July 9, 2014 Sony’s next phone to focus on selfie @TheRoyaleIndia 405 0 0

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On one of its social media account, Sony has teased a new selfie-focused device on Monday mentioning tweeted “See your #selfies in a whole new light,” followed by an image of a group selfie, and the caption, “#GetTheFullPicture #Tommorow”. Critics have deciphered this message as- the Japanese smartphone maker might be readying a handset with more focus on its front-facing camera. Pictures of the unannounced handset were accompanied by a message claiming the phone will feature a self-timer function with pre-flash, along with voice and gesture support.

The recently unveiled HTC One (M8) also packs a 5-megapixel front camera and its assumed that Sony Xperia smartphone might have the same or higher resolution. The Xperia Blog speculates that the upcoming device will be an Xperia smartphone that will come with a flash alongside the front-facing camera, letting users take selfie images under low-light conditions. All the speculations can be confirmed only once the product is officially unveiled by Sony.

This selfie-focused smart phone is likely to be an attraction for teenagers and college-goers who love clicking selfies on almost daily basis to update on social networking sites. The price, availability and other features of this model can be confirmed once the product gets launched.

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