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When it comes to fashion, Bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor rarely gets it wrong. The style diva, however, was always careful with outfits that attracted too much attention on her bulky waistline. But that seems to be a thing of the past as off late, she looks all set to silence her critics, flaunting a svelte body, a navel piercing and a slight hint of abs too! The girl has obviously been sweating it out in the gym and kudos, the hard work is showing.

For the uninitiated, the actress once weighed around a 100 kilos. That was before she decided to join films, of course. Though she lost a massive chunk of the 100 kilos and became a fashion icon overnight, after her debut film Saawariya, Sonam was still struggling with a bulky waistline. Remember the movie Aisha, and the scene where all the girls head out to the beach. Now, the movie was an out and out chick flick with the blatant focus being on the style quotient of the ladies in the film. But in the beach scene – all the girls on the beach are in swimwear playing ball. All except the leading lady, Sonam Kapoor, who is seen tottering around in a swimsuit with an ugly pair of shorts over it. She stood out like a sore thumb.

Sonam Kapoor with Ayushman Khurana @TheRoyaleIndia

Take a look at her latest picture where she walks the ramp for fashion designer Manish Malhotra and you’ll see an all new Sonam flaunting her curves like never before. Sonam doesn’t mind baring her mid-riff, but it has always been camouflaged with a sari or a dupatta in the past. Now she’s making sure that the world sees her newly acquired toned, svelte mid-riff. Just in case someone forgets to take a peek at her sexy waistline, the glistening piercing on her belly button should do the trick. By the looks of it, Sonam is determined to make sure that anyone and everyone notices her flat tummy and slim waistline. Boy, she sure is sending the temperatures soaring… Phew!!!

Three steps to get Sonam’s look:

Nude make up: The key to this look is to appear as if you’ve not applied any make up at all. Spread some foundation over your face and under the eyes to even out the skin tone. Dab compact powder over it to for a fresh look. Highlight only the top of your eyelid with an eyeliner, preferably black. If you’re up for it, do the cat tip eyeliner (you know, the one where the eyeliner tails out of the corner of the eye). The next step would be to colour your lips a shade of deep red. The cheeks could do with a sweep of natural blush and you’re good to go. Simple, isn’t it?

Flattened hair style: Middle parting doesn’t really work for this look. Part your hair three quarters to one side and the remaining one quarter to the other. Gather your hair at the back and sweep it towards the side with the majority parting and tie a braid leading towards that side itself. Remember, tie the braid such that it falls on the front of your shoulder. Fasten the end of the braid with a black coloured band for a natural look.

Show some, cover some: If you’re showing skin in the form of your waistline, make sure you balance it by covering up in other areas. Full or three quarter sleeves and a long skirt will balance the look.


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