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Perfumes not only make user smell nice, attractive and refresh but it also projects a clean and presentable impression about oneself on others.

In the recent past, everyone, from luxury fashion labels to celebrities, has launched their fragrance line/signature scent. Perhaps the fragrance that you wear, named after a celebrity, make you feel sexy and irresistible. And you may never know, they might share the same preferences as you.

Believed to provide a clean, fresh and floral scent, ‘True Star’ fragrance line released by singer Beyonce works well for women. Then there is ‘Taste’, perfume by Jessica Simpson has hints of white chocolate and coconut cream scent reflecting her taste for good food. Having said, perfumes are not only limited to women, Donald Trump’s self-titled perfume has a spicy and peppery scent which very well-suits men. Likewise, there are many other signature lines. Given below are the few and noted fragrance line to entice your senses.

Elizabeth Taylor

Feel like the legend with White Diamond @TheRoyaleIndia

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, the rich, opulent and glam as the icon herself, bursting with white floral notes and showcased in a faux diamond-encrusted bottle. It’s a legend of the fragrance world.

Sarah Jessica Parker

'Lovely' perfume for Lovely Ladies @TheRoyaleIndia

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker has feminine (almost intimate), ultra-chic and understated notes. Think citrus-woody with a touch of lavender and it appropriately suits for casual or formal occasions.

Jennifer Lopez

Forever 'Glowing' by JLo @TheRoyaleIndia

Glowing by J-Lo,  is the perfect fragrance for active women with full-day time schedule. The tones blend amber, flowers, and fruit with vanilla to create a clean, alluring scent. Spritz this enticing fragrance on your wrists or the pulse points on your neck to keep yourself feeling fresh and clean throughout the day. It’s perfect for a busy day at the office or an afternoon of shopping with your friends.


Truth or Dare by Madonna @TheRoyaleIndia

Truth or Dare by Madonna is an iconic fragrance with a floral overtone  for women. The fragrance is a sexy and contemporary reinvention of a classic and robust signature white floral fragrance. A unique blend of narcotic florals balanced with addictive woods and vanilla, simultaneously dark and light.

Lady GaGa

fame by lady gaga @TheRoyaleIndia

Lady Gaga’s ‘Fame’, may have set out to shock – the juice is black in the bottle, clear when sprayed – but her first fragrance is surprisingly alluring and agelessly wearable: a fruity, floral fusion of apricot, tiger orchid, jasmine, honey and incense. Dead sexy on the dressing table, too.

Kim Kardishian

Bring on the 'Glam' factor by kim kardashian @TheRoyaleIndia

Kim Kardashian, the reality TV megastar’s launch is surprisingly pretty and soft. Glam is a tuberose-based scent with a fruity twist. On the skin, this fragrance is light and sweet; a blend of heady tuberose, dewy jasmine, jammy berries and sugary watermelon. The girly & flirtatious fragrance is great for year-round, and perfect for the office or for a casual day out. Either way, the perfume is refreshing and absolutely perfect for warm weather.

David Beckham

The Essence by David Beckham @TheRoyaleIndia

The Essence by David Beckham is a fresh and dynamic fragrance for men. It comprises of top notes of grapefruit, lavender oil and violet leaves developed with a heart of cardamom oil, pineapple and apple. The fragrance dries down with base notes of cashmeran, patchouli heart and tonka bean. The cool and masculine fragrance is available in a rectangular glass bottle embossed with a striking weave pattern.

Whatever the new rave in celebrity perfumes may be, it is important to keep in mind that when picking a scent, it should be one that is good on you and not just good on your favorite celebrity. You may stay loyal to your celebrity but also remember that the final say should be yours.

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