Smart Ideas To Make Your Small Apartment Look Elegant

February 22, 2015 Smart Ideas To Make Your Small Apartment Look Elegant @TheRoyaleIndia 1215 0 0

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If home is where the heart is, then in today’s world the heart is going to have to make do with a small space. With the average apartment size getting smaller and smaller, there is a growing need to economize the available space. If you are one of those people who scratch their heads as to how to liven up their small apartment space or make the most out of it, stop worrying and read on for some great ideas on how to make your small space appear bigger:-

The right shade, for the right size

Light colours for living room @TheRoyaleIndia

Opt for light shades of yellow, blue, green, or any of your favorite colours to make the space appear bigger. Add a texture, pattern to the paint to enhance the space.

Storage Solutions

Using bed for storage @TheRoyaleIndia

It’s no secret that small apartments are pressed for storage. Double up the bed as a storage zone by adding drawers to its base. Another solution is to look for niches and corners in the room that are lying unoccupied and attach shelves for your smaller belongings. High- rise cabinets placed smartly all over the apartment is an efficient way to add storage space without getting in the way of anyone.

Light Right

Natural light makes the room look bigger @TheRoyaleIndia

Having natural light coming into the room is a brilliant way of making the room look bigger. So do not block off the windows or any other sources of such light in the room. Also, you could place a mirror strategically across from windows to boost the lighting effect. If you are willing to spend a little extra, buy some good quality lights that brighten the room and thus give a feel of a larger room.

Room within room

Foldable screens for the living room @TheRoyaleIndia

Add foldable screens to separate the living room from the foyer. This way, you have two distinct rooms along with the screener that makes the room look elegant. Place a rug or a carpet at the end of a particular area to demarcate the space and give the illusion of multiple rooms within one.

Furniture Fit

Place sofas opposite each other @TheRoyaleIndia

Try to get rid of baggy, huge furniture if possible. Such items occupy a lot of space lowering the space available. In case of bulky sofas or armchairs, place them opposite each other to give a sense of equilibrium to the room. Place any ottoman or stool that you own in the corner to save up on space.

Decide the door:

Slidding doors for small apartment @TheRoyaleIndia

A door is an essential part of any room which occupies space. However, smaller apartments can be installed with sliding doors that occupy minimal space, all the while looking graceful too.

So take ideas from these handy tips or consult with a decorator to ensure that your apartment not only looks pleasing to the eye but is well designed too. A small apartment may be made to look every bit elegant as a big space, only thing required is a little bit of creativity and effort and voila! You have your small yet elegant apartment.

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