‘Smart Bag’ technology to end luggage woes

December 18, 2013 Bag2Go Technology by Airbus @TheRoyaleIndia 413 0 0

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As holiday travel picks up, a ‘Smart Bag’ let owners track their luggage when they fly by Airbus. Bag2Go looks like a regular suitcase from the outside, with its hard shell, but inside houses an RFID chip that can link up the bag with automated baggage-handling systems. The concept suitcase can be synced to an iPhone, providing information on luggage weight thanks to a built-in scale activated by lifting the handle.

When in transit, users can also check on the status of their bag and its current location using the iPhone app, which uses GPS to keep an eye on the bag’s path. If the bag is opened or manipulated during its journey, the app will notify you. Other possible applications include the ability to rent the bag from airlines directly for each trip, or a courier service that would transport the packed suitcase from the passenger’s door directly to the airport for traveling light.

We bet, this ‘Smart Bag’ technology could end lost luggage woes.

Smart bag technology by Airbus Bag2Go

Image Source: Airbus

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