Slurp Some Homemade Golas this Summer

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Golas make for perfect desserts on a scorching summers’ day, with both kids and adults being crazy about the confection. The much-loved ice golas are made of ice shavings on a wooden stick and topped with flavoured sugar syrup of one’s choice. Gola is absolutely perfect to slurp and devour in this hot summer. After an exhausting shopping trip with kids, this is a must have dessert to refresh you all over again. Ice golas are famous in Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai, and are also known as slushies.

Some of the popular flavours of ice gola are chilled lemonade or the perennial favourite, Kala Khatta. The other two flavours being the pomegranate and chilli and passion fruit and ginger.

Make your own Ice Gola – Bring in the winter chill effect at home

You can make your own ice gola either by using the Ice Gola Maker or by using simple household methods. Well, no matter which method you use, make sure you prepare enough of this mouth-watering ice candy or else you might be left with nothing. Everything might get over even before you get a chance to slurp it.

Required Ingredients to prepare gola:

  • 100gms Ice cubes

  • 4 teaspoon lemon syrup

  • 1 tablespoon sugar syrup

  • 3 pinch salt

Method 1: Using the Ice Gola Maker

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It’s quite easy to prepare icy and juicy golas at home without even stepping out to buy one. Even kids can easily make the golas using gola makers. These gola makers are available online and the price is considerably reasonable, especially with numerous Amazon offers on household appliances and more! Follow these simple steps to make your favourite and delicious ice candy at home.

  1. Crush the ice cubes using the ice snow maker.

  2. Put the crushed ice in different shaped moulds or mould it into a round shape simply by cupping your hands.

  3. Insert the stick in the middle of the shaped ice candy.

  4. Pour the lemon syrup or any other syrup according to your taste.

  5. Season with salt and black salt and serve.

Method 2: Using readily available household tools

The Ice Gola Maker is mainly used to crush the ice cubes uniformly. If you do not have an Ice Gola Maker at home, don’t worry! We have some easy tricks and tips to make this tempting dessert using readily available household appliances.

  1. Use a Mixer to blend the ice cubes but make sure the right blades are used for it.

  2. The other manual method is to just tie the ice cubes in a piece of cloth and then pound it with a rolling pin or a hammer. Sounds simple!!! But works the same way as any other tool does.

  3. In a plastic or a metal cup, fill in the ground ice tightly and insert an ice-cream stick in the centre.

  4. Slowly invert the cup and pull the shaped ice out of it and top it with your favourite sugar syrup.

  5. Serve with the cup to avoid dripping.

Tips to make your own flavoured syrup at home:

  • Use Rasna juice powder to make a thick juice with lots of rasna powder & less water and a dash of sugar. Pour immediately on the ice candy.

  • Ensure you pour in thick sugar syrup or it will melt out the crushed ice.

Tempting Ice Golas: A perfect way to spend family time with kids on a scorching hot summer weekend!!

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Seductive Gola Cocktails: A perfect cocktail for adults for any weekend party at home. We’ll share a few tips to make gola cocktails easily at home. Below is one such simple method to prepare gola cocktails for your friends:

Ingredients for the cocktail:

  • 60 ml vodka

  • 120 ml pineapple juice

  • 60 ml sugar syrup

  • 30 ml lime juice

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Steps to prepare the Gola cocktail:

  1. Crush the ice cubes

  2. Mould the crushed ice into the desired shape

  3. Squeeze in lots of lime on the golas

  4. Pour the sugar syrup

  5. Make a thick syrup out of pineapple juice (preferably syrup) and vodka.

  6. Pour the viscous syrup mixture on the golas and serve.

This recipe is a must try for the coming weekends! Try it and enjoy!

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