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In this day and age of hidden social experiments and the constant arguments of ‘it’s my life and I don’t care which politician has an issue with it’, you are unsure of what to wear to work; that’s daily. Yes you love skirts and dresses (as any normal woman would) but then you think you will be subjected to a 2.3 minute video on YouTube unknowingly or some regional news channel or gossip in the office. So what does one do to look professional and stylish at the same time? Why, follow the below rules of course.

NB- These rules applies to corporate dresses as well.

The Fingertip Method

Finger Tip Method For Skirtsfinger tip method for skirts @TheRoyaleIndia

Stand up straight and let your arms fall to your side. Does the hemline of the skirt reach your fingertips or is it waaaay above? If it is the latter then you, my friend, you are in trouble for wearing too short a skirt.

The Knee Level

Knee Level Skirts @TheRoyaleIndia

Skirts which fall at the knee, up to 2-3 inches above the knee, or below the knee have the appropriate length for office. However, make sure they are not mid calf or till the ankles because they just look so 1957 and you want to be stylish, not someone who just wrapped some random cloth around herself.

The High and Low

Slit Skirts @TheRoyaleIndia

The rule goes like this: The shorter the skirt, lower the heels. Micro minis are out (are you going for some fun lovin’ clubbin’ or are you going to work??) and so are the awesome slit skirt. High slits are a big no-no. You can have the teeny tiny 1 inch slits on the sides or the backs but that should be it.


Hosiery @TheRoyaleIndia

Also, a good thing to wear in office with skirts and dresses is stockings. If the skirt is a bit on the shorter side, wear more opaque stockings than sheer. Stockings make the look more professional and people are not distracted by your legs and pay attention to what you have to say. And please, for heaven’s sake, no printed ones with Betty Boop on them and no torn ones with ladders. Closed shoes such as pumps work and look the best.

Riding Up

Riding up Skirts @TheRoyaleIndia

If you wear skirts often then you will know that when one sits, the skirt rides up about 3 inches. So if the skirt has reached mid thigh then the skirt is short. You should be comfortable enough in your skirt so that when you sit even cross legged you are not getting unwanted stares for men and women, alike.

Dressing Down Days

Casual Fridays Skirts @TheRoyaleIndia

These are the days everyone looks forward to the most. These are the days you don’t have to be in a blazer. But that does not mean you can saunter in shorts, skater skirts, beach dresses, bandage dresses, etc. Maintain the same level of length as the rest of the work days and go cray- cray with colours.


Pencil A Line Circle Skirts @TheRoyaleIndia

It does not matter which industry you belong to. Sure the fashion and entertainment industries are a little more relaxed as compared to the financial and hospitality sector. But this does not mean that you wear that super awesome skirt in fuchsia which can double up as a cute tube crop top for work. Thin pencil skirts which fall just at the knee or slightly below look the best. If you are not comfortable in them then opt for slightly A-line ones or the circle skirts.

Stockings @TheRoyaleIndia

You should be known for your brain’s grey than your legs. And believe us, though men will stare and the dumb ones might pass off some lewd remark or too, you don’t want to come under the radar of the female seniors. Look hot after work but not in front of them. Our tip- If you are joining a new company, it is best to first observe what all the females are wearing before you reveal your closet wonders. And who says you cant have fun with colours of your shirts and blouses, eh?

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