Girls’ Survival Guide For Holi: Skin and Hair Care Tips

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Holi, the most colourful Indian festival is around the corner and everyone is busy preparing for the celebrations. While we all prepare well and take utmost care of the food, sweets, getting the brightest of colours (some cautious ones think of getting natural colours too); do we think about skin protection from the harmful hazards of the chemicals that these colours have?

With the frolic of Holi comes the dangers of skin rashes, rough and brittle hair, chemical deposition on the scalp, severe irritation and so on.

To ensure healthy skin, hair and nails, you must simply follow our step-to-step guide:


No Bleach/Facial/Waxing

No bleach facial for one week @TheRoyaleIndia


Stay away from bleach, facials or waxing a week before and after your encounter with chemical colours.


Apply oil on composed body parts @TheRoyaleIndia

Apply a thick layer of a good cream based moisturiser or coconut oil on all the exposed parts of the body. Doing this offers a barrier and ensures that harmful chemicals will be easily washed off.

Petroleum Jelly

Apply vaseline lips undernails behind ears @TheRoyaleIndia


Take extra care to moisturise your feet, behind ears, cuticles, under nails and lips with Vaseline.

Nail Paint

Apply dark nail paint holi


I am sure you must be having that bottle of dark blue or green nail paint that you don’t apply very often. Well, this is the time to take it out and paint your nails blue as it will ensure that the colours do not reach your nail bed and harm them.



After applying the moisturiser, it’s time for some sun protection. Even though you might like to ignore this step, but trust me, applying a sun block about 20 minutes before stepping out for the Holi bash is all worth it.


oiling champi before holi @TheRoyaleIndia


Yes, maybe for a day, soak your mane in coconut oil. This oil will ensure that the colour does not settle on your scalp and cause dryness or dandruff. As an add-on, the colour also comes out real easy from oiled hair.

Cover it Up



Well, you might be tempted to wear a comfortable shorts and tee for Holi, but instead, take out the full sleeves tees and tracks. It can help protect you better.

Some Extra Protection


Your lustrous mane can be badly affected by the harmful chemicals present in the Holi colours. So, covering them with a bandana or scarf can stop all the colour from coming in contact with your hair.

Protect Those Beautiful Eyes

Wear glasses playing holi @TheRoyaleIndia


Also, old sunglasses or may be spectacles can help protect your eyes from the irritation these lovely looking yet hazardous colours can cause.


Once you’re done, take a bath with cold or lukewarm water, never buy the temptation of going for a hot water bath as it can irritate your skin further.

Colour removal after holi­ almond oil @TheRoyaleIndia


Never ever be harsh and rough on your skin as it can further increase the irritation. If the colour doesn’t come off in the first wash, simply apply some almond oil or moisturiser and rub gently with a soft cloth.

Lemon wedges skin


In case, the colour does not come off even after a bath, you can try rubbing lemon juice on your skin. The natural bleaching agent present in lemon helps remove the sturdy colour stains. Just, make sure that after washing it off, you follow it with plenty of moisturiser to avoid any kind of dryness.

To wash your hair, use cold or lukewarm water. First, wash off the excess colour with plain water and then let your mild shampoo stay on for about 5 minutes before washing it off. And as a rule, follow it up with a good conditioner.


Your entire fun on Holi can leave your face dry and itchy. So, applying a curd and besan or calamine and sandalwood powder face packs can be highly beneficial. Cucumber juice and aloe vera gel can also help soothe your irritated skin.

Before hitting the bath, do not forget to clean your nails using an acetone free nail paint remover.


Even after so much precaution, the colour does not go off in a day, just don’t get rough on your skin. Permanent colours might take some time, but with little patience and lots of moisturisation, it will definitely come off soon.

I hope these handy tips and tricks help you protect your skin, mane and nails this Holi.

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