Siddharth Malhotra’s ‘Trendastic’ Style Statement

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At the unveiling of Benetton’s Spring Summer 2017 collection at High Street Phoenix, Sumita Chakraborty exclusively zips through the coolest fashion trends with Bollywood’s hottest actor – the gorgeous Siddharth Malhotra.

He’s super-hot! Fashion pundits acknowledge this young star as one of the most stylish actors in Bollywood. Celebrated for his dapper style and his sense of reigning fashion, this pin-up superstar has his fans following his style sense extremely closely. …Yes, we are talking about the absolutely ‘droolworthy’ Siddharth Malhotra, who has made a huge name for himself for his ‘brooding’ acting skills and of course, his fashionable yet comfortable style sense.

So when Siddharth unveiled the super stylish S pring Summer 2017 collection of one of the leading brands in India – United Colors of Benetton, the audience obviously went gaga over their favourite star, and of course, the absolutely amazing Spring Summer 2017 Collection.

Trend Tale

Siddharth malhotra UCB Spring summer collection @TheRoyaleIndia


The trendy Spring Summer 2017 Collection was snazzy, smart and sassy. The event was showcased as ‘Shoppable Runway’, and the models sashayed in style through the hub of the best brands in Mumbai – High Street Phoenix. Top fashion influencers like Anaita Shroff Adajania, Ami Patel and Ekta Rajani too unveiled key looks from the collection which was lauded by Siddharth himself. In fact, Siddharth insisted that all these ladies

Women Power

  • The SS17 collection for women saw a mix of prints on Tees, mini dresses with floral arabesques and geometric patches on dresses, little sweaters and polo shirts.

  • The color palette was bright and sunny. Cool hues – from white to periwinkle – looked fresh and smart on the runway. Eclectic shades of black and midnight blue worked its magic with the hip crowd.

  • Trends like color block or striped denim dungarees and stretch t-shirts injected a buzz in casual wear.

  • Sunny days returned with a flurry of hibiscus flowers being showcased in Tees.

  • Pristine white wide-legged cropped pants, flowers on jersey and figure-hugging stretch cotton Tees, long sleeve tops and maxi dresses.

  • In terms of accessories, flat sandals and minimal accessories gave it an easy breezy look. As for cool, black vest tops made their presence felt too.

Man Date

Siddharth malhotra Benetton Spring summer 2017 collection @TheRoyaleIndia


For the men, bold stripes in monochrome worked well with a splash of colours in shirts teamed with loafers.

  • Prints on prints too made their presence felt.

  • Colours ranged from pastels – Cuban sunsets, candy, pale blues, reds and oranges.

  • Vintage-inspired prints with digital and retro patterns looked super-Hot.

  • Mini-check shirts in unusual hues of pink with its own bow tie and revamped windowpane checks paired with unlined denim jackets were applauded by the hipsters.

  • The preppy look ruled. Classic rugby shirts in turquoise to mustard yellow looked dapper.

  • Polo shirts and micro tie-pattern shirts in air force and dark blue looked cool.

  • Jeans or long denim bermuda shorts in various washes and treatments also looked super snazzy.

  • Crewneck Tees with shaded pixel motif prints gave the collection a yuppie look.

  • The collection definitely gets a thumbs up. It was vibrant, trendy and extremely stylish.

Sid’s Style Say

Siddharth malhotra dressing secret @TheRoyaleIndia


Grooving on his peppy number ‘Kala Chasma’, the super charismatic Siddharth got the girls weak in the knees with his super casual look – Stripe Tee teamed with a sunny yellow shirt, jeans and a great pair of shoes. They were all part of the Benetton SS 17 collection.

When asked about his fashion trends? Siddharth answered in his sexy baritone voice, “I don’t believe in any rules pertaining to fashion. When I pick my clothes, I check out the cut, brand and the fit. For me, comfort is of utmost importance.” What were his five fashion faves? “I love stripe tees, good jeans, denim jackets, preppy apparel and the foremost thing – comfortable shoes.” One secret fashion tip he could share with us? Siddharth said, “Somebody had once told me when I entered the modelling world that one should never team formal black shoes with white socks – it looks too formal – and I have stuck to that rule like glue. But, of course, nowadays, I’ve worked on a new trend for myself – great looking shoes with no socks.”

Thumbs Up

So what did he think of the Benetton SS17 collection? “It’s absolutely amazing! I grew up wearing Benetton. In fact, I used to dress up in trendy stuff from Benetton when I would go out on a date, and I would be a big hit with the girls!” said Siddharth with a smile. So which are his top three Benetton picks? “I’d pick the rugby shirts, stripe tees and the Bermuda shorts,” he said.

The United Colors of Benetton SS17 collection was cool, trendy and smart and you can easily add it to your wardrobe by simply making use of the incredible UCB offers. And as for Siddharth, he won hearts, and his style quotient raised the temp super high. A big thumbs up to both!

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