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Though Hong Kong has a lot of sight-seeing and unique culture to offer its visitors, there’s no denying that shopping occupies a big chunk of the destination’s personality. It probably has to do with the fact that locals here love everything about fashion and take pride in being up to date with trends. Be it clothes, electronics or jewellery, both men and women in Hong Kong are not afraid of pushing the limits when it comes to experimenting. Here are a few tips on where to head to find the best deals in Hong Kong.

Stanley Market Street, for silks and souvenirs

It’s one of the best places to scout for Chinese silks. Keep pictures of the patterns you have in mind, and the dealers will tell you which fabric is best suited for the design. You can also fine Chinese styled souvenirs in Stanley Market. The best part about this market is that you don’t have to indulge in hardcore haggling to get something for its right price. Most of the items are packaged and more or less similar rates prevail across the market.

Cat Street for antiques

Are you an antique collector? Cat Street it is then! While some say this market is nothing more than a flea market, antique collectors will know that it is in muddy waters that the lotus blooms. Scout through Cat Street to find jade jewellery and loose jade stones too. Do your research before buying this stone though, else it is easy to be conned with fakes. Old Chinese coins are also easily available in this market.

Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, for Arts and Crafts

This is where you should head to, if you wish to acquire some authentic Chinese art and other collectibles. That is not all. If you are working on a strict budget, there are numerous stores that sell ceramics, crockery in bone china, porcelain showpieces, scrolls and revolutionary memorabilia. You can also look for authentic Tai Ping carpets that are locally made and supplied across the world. What’s unique about these carpets is that they are made from virgin wool that is imported from New Zealand but are crafted in Hong Kong.

Ladies Market, Mongkok, for clothes, shoes and jewellery

Don’t let the name fool you… this market has enough to keep both men and women occupied for hours together. The lanes on this street are lined with stalls that sell everything that you could stuff your wardrobe with. Fashionable dresses, jackets, sleepwear, silver and antique jewellery, bags, latest styles in footwear with separate stalls allocated for just boots… name it and there’s a good chance of you finding it right here. Fakes of top fashion brands are also available in select stalls here. Take a good look around and you’ll surely find it.

Temple Street Market, Mongkok, for gadgets

The people of Hong Kong take great pride in flaunting two things — the latest trends in fashion and the latest gadgets and it’s hard not to get influenced by their passion when you go visiting. The Temple Street Market is a night market, so shopping addicts can be assured of twice the amount of fun as they can indulge both during the day and at night! Latest gadgets; from laptops to printers and mobile phones, you’ll find them all right here.

Shanghai Street, Kowloon, for Wedding outfits: Planning a white wedding? The fashion designers in Hong Kong are known all over the world for their good taste and the excellent fit they give their outfits. Shanghai Street has a number of good stores selling bridal wear. Gowns in A line, flounce, cocktail cuts, fishtail finish and embellishments, Shanghai Street is bound to give you the best of the lot.

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