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June 19, 2015 Shop Flipkart Se Karo Ya Snapdeal Se – #CouponSePaiseBachao @TheRoyaleIndia 1062 0 0

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It’s said, ‘In a war, no one is right, no one is wrong. People are just left’. And speaking of war, there’s always collateral damage associated with it. But which war are we talking about? The war between the e-commerce giants Flipkart and Snapdeal. These merchants have ingeniously marketed themselves through Social Media in the battle to gain market supremacy. The BIG BILION DAY!!! – We all know what happened then, right, Right? The super-sale that Flipkart promised didn’t really materialize as expected but kudos to the team. We are no one to judge and to make a call; all we can do is analyze. And analyze we will!!! Let’s start with Flipkart.

Nahi Kharida ? #AchhaKiya

#AchhaKiya @TheRoyaleIndia

Flipkart certainly has created a buzz with their latest campaign. These video ads will tell you what we are talking about.

We don’t need Rocket Scientists to analyze what’s coming next, do we? A BIG SALE? ANOTHER BIG BILLION DAY? We wish good luck to the team for this; hoping lightning doesn’t strike twice.

Achha kiya bata diya, #YahanSeKharido

Snapdeal and Flipkart go back a long way. There’s surely know love lost between them when it comes to marketing. Snapdeal’s answer to Flipkart’s Big Billion Day said it all.

snapdeal @TheRoyaleIndia

Snapdeal nailed it that time around!!!

As if that wasn’t enough, Flipkart’s latest campaign is not becoming the butt of all jokes. Here’s what Snapdeal did this time around.

#YahanSeKharido @TheRoyaleIndia

Jab Bhi Kharido , Jaha Se Bhi Kharido – #CouponSePaiseBachao – COUPONRAJA

So as we mentioned earlier the war always has collateral damage associated with it; in this battle between Flipkart and Snapdeal there are merchants that might lose out. However, with Couponraja, there’s no fuss, there’s no confusion. We say,

Jab Bhi Kharido , Jaha Se Bhi Kharido – #CouponSePaiseBachao

Like our CEO, Prasad Shejale tweeted this morning.

We at Couponraja believe in settling things for you. Happy Shopping with Couponraja – India’s leading coupon aggregator.

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