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6 Types of Shoes You Should Own This Monsoon

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Monsoon is here and with it is a list of more points to whine about. Since the weather is not much in our hands (we have contributed to Global Warming), we can only try and protect ourselves from these elements. Sure you see fully grown men and women on TV jumping in puddles and having a ball of a time. But what you don’t see is what happens after- you don’t see the disgust whilst scraping the shoe, you don’t see the regret they face for jumping in the puddles, you don’t see the clothes which get dirty. Sure you have umbrellas (thank God our country is moving away from the black ones) to protect you and rain coats for children (God they are annoying. Guess what am I talking about). But what about your precious shoes and your beautiful feet? How does one protect them? Well with water proof shoes of course-


gumboots for women @TheRoyaleIndia

These are unisex. No longer confined to the wardrobe of farmers or construction workers, gumboots are available for everyone. Sure you have the boring dreary colours for men, but luckily we, women, have a much better variety when it comes to choosing the colours and patterns to add a little bit of oomph to a grey weather.

Flip Flops

flip flops for monsoon @TheRoyaleIndia

These are another unisex footwear. Flip flops are awesome and super easy to dry. Plus even if they get muck all over it doesn’t really bother you because they can be easily be washed. But the annoying bit about flip flops is that when you flip and you flop, the back of your legs start looking like a canvas of muck throwing. So better yet, use the ones with a back strap! No NOT floaters and crocs- they are the Mondays and Sunday evenings of footwear. If I you wearing any of these two types, I will personally splash water on you.


monsoon ballerina shoes @TheRoyaleIndia

Yeah this one is only for women. The colourful plastic versions make for a cute accessory whilst commuting. These look trendy and protect your feet. Because they are made of plastic, this means that they can last you for at least 3 monsoon seasons.


monsoon sneakers for women @TheRoyaleIndia

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Again something for women. We don’t mean the canvas ones. We mean the rubber ones. They are cute, fit well, come up nearly till the ankle and are waterproof. They look great if you don’t have a formal dress code every day, lending you a cool sporty vibe.

Waterproof Leather Boots

waterproof leather boots @TheRoyaleIndia

Yes these things do exist though only for the men. Brands like Timberland usually stock them and look perfect for not too formal office wear.

Waterproof Rain Galoshes

waterproof rain galoshes for women @TheRoyaleIndia

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Look for galoshes which fit right over that expensive leather formal shoe. They don’t look out of place and you can remove them once you are on dry land.

Some tips

  • Sure you want to be dressed to the T whilst entering office. But it’s better to stuff your office footwear under your desk and then change into them once you reach work (unless you are ok carrying them every day with you)

  • Also, if you don’t find good water proof shoes (remember silicone and plastic should be your choices) of your size, then look for a waterproof compound which is a spray and is good for leather shoes. Obviously like everything else first test it on a discreet part of the shoe.

  • Never store wet footwear in enclosed spaces. Always let them out in the air to dry.

  • Women, please don’t wear tottering heels in the rain especially while commuting.

Rains are here after months and months of heat. The only good thing about the monsoons is the breeze and everything else is kind of annoying- be it the slight drizzle (either it should rain fully fledged or it should not) or the unexpected downpour or the muck or the puddles; yeah pretty much everything that describes monsoon. I just feel this annoying weather has been romanticised by Bollywood waaaaay too much and needs to stop.

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