‘Selfish’ book by Kim Kardashian to be launched by December

October 27, 2014 ‘Selfish’ book by Kim Kardashian to be launched by December @TheRoyaleIndia 1228 0 0

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A book titled ‘Selfish’ is soon to release this December by Kim Kardashian and the book will have around 2000 selfies.  This 33-year-old realty TV star came up with the idea of this 352-page book after her husband Kanye West suggested it. It was reported that Kanye came up with the whole concept, even the name for the book and later introduced Kim to a book publisher. Kim loved the idea instantly and made up her mind to do it and these 352 pages will have 2000 selfies that will be a photographic reflection of her life. Apart from the photographs, she will also include comments on the modern world.

selfish book @TheRoyaleIndia

Kim has been taking selfies since over a decade and has huge number of collection. So selecting 2000 among them will be the toughest part of the whole exercise of launching the book. ‘Keeping up with Kardashians’ star said further that usually people take many selfies before posting one finally and so does she. After many shots of selfies, she finally decides the best one and posts it. So in this book, she might probably post all the attempted selfies and also the ones that she has already posted. 

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