Tips To Choose The Right Bag For Your Body Type

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When we’re buying clothes or footwear we always consider what suits our body type. But when it comes to bags we often overlook this factor. Bags for a really long time were need-based and all we really cared about was its colour and size (so that we could stuff up everything we might require. But bags do more than just that. With time, we’ve moved on from bags as a mere requirement to transforming into a crucial accessory that adds to a person’s personality.

A bag that doesn’t suit your body type, could actually ruin your entire look. Here are a few things that you must keep in mind choosing a bag:

For the tall ones

Bags tall women @TheRoyaleIndia

If your body is tall and slender pick a bag that is short and slouchy. A bag that is wider as opposed to taller is a better option. It will accentuate your long arms. A bag that’s round in shape also works great. Pick colours that are slightly shimmery. Pick patterns that are bold. Handbags with shorter straps could be avoided. A smart clutch is a great idea for dinners and evening parties.

Balance those curves


In case you have a curvy figure pick bags that are more structured or have a box-like shape to balance out those curves. Bags that are too small will make you look even larger. Similarly, bold patterns work best for this body type. Choose a bag that ends just above the hips as the ones that end on the hips draw unnecessary attention to this area.

Petite frames

Handbags petite women @TheRoyaleIndia


If you’re short and petite then big bulky bags aren’t really your thing. You don’t want to look like you’re carrying your whole world around, or like the bag weighs more than you do. Avoid big bags, or ones with a long strap. Bags that look taller could work best for your body frame.

Pear shaped

Handbags pear shaped women @TheRoyaleIndia

If you have a pear shaped body, the last thing you want to do is draw attention to your hips. Pick bags that end way above this section. Bigger prints will also draw attention to your size.


Opt for clutches, or a small pochette. Pick ones that have detachable straps making it easy and convenient to carry them around. Avoid anything that could go below your waist.

Crossbody sling bag @TheRoyaleIndia


Pick market bags for your shopping trips or for when you need to run errands. Cross body bags work best too as they’re perfect for occasions when you’re at your minimal best.

So, come on ladies, pick the bags that work for you!

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