Seize Every Day of Lockdown with Online Rummy Games to Win Real Money!

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We know time moves slowly when you are stuck within the four walls of your homes for weeks! Even if you are working from home, you need those little breaks to tweak your brain with some hits of dopamine and maybe even a little bit of adrenaline! What better way to get your fill of happiness if not with some online rummy games, especially when you can win real money with your stellar skills?

Online rummy is one of the leading real money games in India where people are diving in by the dozens during this COVID-19 global pandemic. Real money games like online rummy are offering the much-needed respite during the world’s most testing times and even the WHO suggested to people around the world to pick up a game online and help save lives.

While we may think we can’t do much inside our homes, it turns out staying sane and happy with our family and enjoying a few online rummy games could create some fine moments for all of us. We begin with an overview of the current scenario of the online gaming industry in these times of survival.

Online Rummy to your Rescue

While the world is kneeling to the merciless pandemic, online cash games are one of the few sectors that are enjoying at least 20-30% organic spike in engagement as it is offering a welcome diversion and connection with fellow friends during the ongoing quarantine and when the quotient of real money is a tagalong, it all makes complete sense.

As such, gaming giants of online rummy are offering new and attractive daily and weekly deals to make their visit to their sites worth their time, in turn, helping folks stay mentally fit and pumped.

Thanks to some brand new features and offerings in online rummy, it’s double the fun and competition at the tables of online cash games these days. Multiple variants, exciting tournaments, new rummy game rules, and real money winnings have raised the bar of this erstwhile traditional home game exponentially. It is creating a virtual but very real community where people can connect, have fun, share their love for the game and celebrate their winnings together. Besides, the smartphone is the sole portable window to the world for each individual in this rapidly transforming global humanitarian crisis, real money game apps have made the deal quite convenient for the everyday online gamer to play online cash games and earn money in the comfort of their homes.

So, let’s see what we can find for you today to help you extract maximum value from online rummy cash games and tournaments. We are about to mention a very special rummy portal that has completed one full year of operation during this historic nationwide lockdown. So, yes, you may anticipate some grand birthday offers your way.

RummyBaazi (RB), India’s Most Rewarding Website

A recent online rummy portal that goes by this quirky name, RummyBaazi (RB) is a 2019 launch of the parent company, Baazi Games and it just so happens that the portal is turning one this April. In light of this event, the portal has released an exciting bag of birthday offers for all online rummy lovers in India.

You shouldn’t be deprived of these rare opportunities during these even rarer times, so, let’s open the gift bag of RB right away.

  1. Weekly Bonus Offers

RummyBaazi is on a rolling spree this month as it turns one this April. On this occasion, it is releasing daily bonus offers, so, when a player logins on the RB app, a surprise bonus offer awaits each day on deposits you make on online cash rummy games.

  1. Mega guarantee online rummy tournaments

This lockdown, play online rummy tournaments for cash in the shape of mega prize pools of 1LAC each on RummyBaazi. The online rummy portal is hosting two monster tournaments with enhanced guarantees this month. Here they are:

  • 1LAC Birthday Freeroll (8th & 22nd April)

Play this online rummy tournament for absolutely free at these dates at 9 pm prime time and win an attractive real cash prize from this gigantic prize pool.

  • 1LAC Sunday Special (8 pm, Every Sunday)

Playing online rummy for cash on weekends doesn’t get rewarding than this one. Contest your skills in this RB Sunday favorite to capture the biggest share of the prize pool for a buy-in of just INR 1000!

For more details and such amazing promotions, you may visit the official website of RummyBaazi.

Seize Every Day with Online Rummy

Online rummy players are definitely in for a treat as portals like these are pulling out all the stops to offer the best thrilling experience to all rummy fans during these uncertain times. So, stay in, play online rummy for cash and get the best bang for your bucks this. Defy those moments of boredom when working from home and go online to flaunt it all and become the king of online social gaming by bagging lots of winnings every day.

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