5 Saree Draping Styles With a Twist

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Sarees have always been the ultimate choice of fashionistas and quiet often we find them sporting this difficult-to-tame attire with utmost ease and élan. From runways to streets and Bollywood actresses to Hollywood celebrities, all swear by the transformation this classic attire can bring to the personality of a woman.

But draping Sarees the innovative way can be lot more interesting for all those ladies who are on the look-out to add that additional oomph factor to their look. Draping Sarees in different ways is actually fun, you just need to master the art!!

Let’s see how this six-yard wonder can be draped in different ways:

1. Belt and Saree

sari belt drape @TheRoyaleIndia

Think of the unthinkable. Yes, wear a belt over your Saree to add that mysterious glamour to your Saree. You can play around with different kinds of belts such as metallic, leather, fancy, beaded, broad or sleek. The belt not only gives a neat look but as an add-on it keeps your pleats in place. There is one more reason to add a belt to your saree, it magically makes you look slimmer!!

2. Retro-Style Saree

retro style sari drape @TheRoyaleIndia

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Remember Saree-clad Mumtaz in the song “Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche har zuban par”. This wrap-around style of Saree draping was brought to Indian Film Industry by this dazzling diva.

Sarees with small border are draped in layered up form without any pleats. You can tie a big bun for that ultimate retro look. Just watch your steps, because this Saree-draping style can make you walk really slowly.

3. Neck drape Saree

sari neck drape @TheRoyaleIndia

If you wish to give a funky twist to your Saree without much effort, then try draping your Saree around your neck just like a scarf. Just keep in mind that Sarees in soft fabrics work best for such a style. You can team it with any type of blouses, from off-shoulder to full-sleeved.

4. Gujarati Style Saree With a Twist

gujrati sari with twist @TheRoyaleIndia

Have you ever noticed the difference between a Gujarati style and a basic one? Well, in a normal Saree draping, the pallu comes on the left shoulder while in Gujarati style draping it’s on the right shoulder. Also, the pleats are made in the opposite direction.

While draping a Seedha Pallu Saree; instead of pleating your pallu just leave it open. It will add to your elegance and is also super-easy to drape. Just keep in mind to leave the pallu real long and pair it with a classic blouse.

5. Jacket Over Saree

jacket blouse over sari @TheRoyaleIndia

If making a chic statement with a Saree is what you desire for, then throw on a quirky jacket (instead of blouse) over your Saree. This fusion of Indian and Western has been a mega-hit with many designers and these days many people can be spotted sporting a jacket with a Saree. You can play around with different collar-types, ribbons, textured materials, metallic motifs, embellishments and so much more. Be prepared for oodles of compliments coming your way by pairing your simple Saree with a traditional or contemporary jacket.

Apart from the above mentioned five styles, you can also try cross-wrap style of draping a Saree or one with fringe.

cross wrap saree @TheRoyaleIndia

To give an interesting touch to your Saree, you can also try tying your pallu into a prominent knot. Saree dresses can be yet another interesting way of draping oh-so-difficult-to-tame Sarees.

This festive season, you must try your hand at draping Saree in these new styles to mark your presence at any event. Create wonders with this 6-yard Wonder!!

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