Samsung GALAXY S5 Vs HTC One (M8) Vs Sony Xperia Z2

June 24, 2014 Samsung GALAXY S5 Vs HTC One (M8) Vs Sony Xperia Z2 @TheRoyaleIndia 975 0 0

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Samsung, Sony, and HTC are the biggest names in the Android camp. The HTC One (M8) and Xperia Z2 may never match the GALAXY S5’s record sales numbers. However, hardware-wise, they’re quite capable of giving Samsung’s flagship a run for its money. So how exactly do they stack-up against each other? Let’s find out.


htc & samsung looks @TheRoyaleIndia

If a phone costs more than Rs 40,000, it better be good looking. It turns out, nobody seems to understand this better than HTC. Thanks to its sleek metallic body, the Taiwanese company’s flagship One (M8) is clearly the best looking phone in the Android camp. The Xperia Z2 speaks for Sony’s design prowess. With its minimalism, the phone goes easy on eyes. On the other hand, Samsung disappoints with its GALAXY S5. With its weird perforated pattern on the back, the S5 looks like a step down from its predecessor. Clearly, in the aesthetics department, the HTC One (M8) takes the lead, followed by Sony.


In terms of pixels, all three handsets boast of Full HD screens. So as far as the sharpness is concerned, these handsets are equally impressive. However, when it comes to the screen quality, Samsung blows the competition of out the water with its Super AMOLED Full HD display. The AMOLED panels produce vibrant colours compared to its IPS LCD counterparts. When placed side-by-side, the GALAXY S5’s display makes the Z2’s IPS HTC’s Super LCD 3 look quite ordinary. After losing badly in the looks department, Samsung comes back strongly with its excellent screen. If I have to choose a runner-up, I’ll go prefer Sony’s IPS screen over HTC’s Super LCD.


Interface @TheRoyaleIndia

Samsung, Sony, and HTC have chosen Android 4.4 Kitkat to power their flagship handsets. Although it’s the same software, each company customises it differently. Out of the lot, I prefer HTC’s Sense UI that looks elegant. Sony brings back its elaborate theming options in the Z2, which is something to watch out for. Samsung has made some efforts to organise its TouchWiz interface. The design has gone flat, but it’s still cluttered and gaudy at many places. So in terms of interface and usability, HTC take the top spot.


Smartphone cameras are getting better each passing day. In the Android camp, the Xperia Z2 takes the lead with its 20.7 megapixel camera. Samsung too has upped its game with a 16 megapixel camera with low-light photography enhancement. The Taiwanese company HTC has thrown in an interesting dual-lens setup in its flagship handset One (M8). This special lens assembly lets you play with the depth of field of phonographs. Despite this fancy feature though, the One still offers you a paltry 4 megapixel (Ultrapixel) camera. Numbers aside, both the S5 and Z2 cameras are very good. It’s just the HTC’s megapixel count that’s somewhat disappointing.


Processor @TheRoyaleIndia

Smartphones these days pack in more processing power than your average laptop. The Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One (M8) feature quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor. The Indian version of Samsung GALAXY S5 packs in an octa-core Exynos chipset. So in terms of gaming, these handsets are quite equal. The GALAXY S5 and HTC One has 2 GB of RAM, which is good enough for any smartphone. Sony not wanting to take chance with the resource hungry Android OS, has packing in 3 GB RAM.

Special Features

The smartphones are filled up to gills with features. For starters, the GALAXY S5 comes with a heart-rate monitor. Plus there’s a Pedometer, which lets you track how much daily physical activity you’re doing. Based on this, you can also keep track of calories. Apart from these health-related sensors, the GALAXY S5 has a finger scanning sensor. Similar to the iPhone 5S, this biometric sensor will be used for unlocking the phone and confirming purchases. The HTC One and GALAXY S5 come with an Infrared port, which can be used to control your home appliances such as TV, and DVD players. Sony and Samsung has done a good job at waterproofing these devices. You don’t have to worry about your expensive Xperia Z2 or GALAXY S5 going bad with a splash of water. In fact, these two handsets can survive inside a swimming pool for half an hour.

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