Samsung Galaxy S5 to flaunt anti-theft features

April 8, 2014 samsung galaxy s5 @TheRoyaleIndia 783 0 0

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The most-awaited Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will be launched in India on 11th April. The device is expected to enter the Indian market with a price tag between Rs. 51,000 and 53,000.

This smartphone has grabbed the limelight once again thanks to its two interesting anti-theft features. “Reactivation Lock” and “Find My Mobile”; these two features are pre-installed on S5 versions of US Verizon and US Cellular. These features will be available for downloading as well.

The first feature, “Find My Mobile” is quite similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone. It is an online service, which is capable of tracking and locking a stolen phone. Other than wiping the smartphone clean, it will also alert the users if someone inserts a new SIM card in the device.

Now talking about the second feature, “Reactivation Lock” detects the ‘abnormal’ attempts of resetting a device to factory settings. The feature will ask the user to log in even after a successful reset. This will ensure that even if someone steals your phone, they won’t be able to log in to the device again.

Do note that the users must activate these features on the smartphones, for keeping their Samsung devices safe.

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