Safe Gifting Ideas for Your Boss

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When Ms. N completed her internship with a reputed MNC, she wanted to buy some gifts for her boss. But there was a catch. She wasn’t too sure whether her gift would be misunderstood as a bribe for a possible job in that company. But if she did not gift her boss something, she would be missing out on a great opportunity to thank him. Most employees are caught in such a Catch-22 situation indeed.

There is also another dimension to this problem. What if the boss does not like the gift? And what if the gift is inappropriate? What if the act of gifting results in undesirable and embarrassing results?

The best way to get out of such situations is to carefully study and plan in advance. Gifts need not necessarily be expensive. At the same time, gifts need to be useful to the person to whom they are presented.

If the boss is female and the employee is a male, one must be extra-cautious in order not to give a wrong impression. For instance, gifting a rose may be deemed as signaling something else. The situation is totally different if the employee is a female too. In any case, an employee must find out in advance the likes and dislikes of the boss before even venturing into gifting.

Play Safe : Doesn’t Matter if the boss is a Male or Female

There is no harm in playing safe. After all, you want to impress the boss in a professional way, Here are some safe gifting options that suit Male and Female bosses alike

1. Personalized Mugs and Keychains

personalized mugs @TheRoyaleIndia
keychains @TheRoyaleIndia

2. Key Rings, USB drives

usb drives and keyrings @TheRoyaleIndia

3. Desktop accessories – Penstands

penstand @TheRoyaleIndia

4. Books – Current Best Sellers, Motivational, Inspiring, Spiritual, Collector’s Edition etc

gifting books @TheRoyaleIndia

5. Phone Covers

gifting phone covers @TheRoyaleIndia

6. Gift Baskets – Chocolates , Books,

gift baskets @TheRoyaleIndia

For A Male Boss

Note: Ascertain if your boss is a smoker / loves cigars

gifting ideas for male boss @TheRoyaleIndia
  1. Ash Tray – comes in all shapes and sizes

  2. Cigars

  3. Cufflinks

  4. Watch

  5. Wallets

For a Female Boss

One needs to be a bit extra careful while choosing a gift for a female boss

  1. Scarves – A nice pretty silken one

gifting ideas for female boss @TheRoyaleIndia

2. A Watch that doubles up as a jewelry

watches to gift for female boss @TheRoyaleIndia

3. Purse

gifting options for female boss @TheRoyaleIndia

Combo Gifts – Safe, Multiple items on board

  1. Watch-Wallet-Key Ring

  2. Dektop Pen Holder – Calender – Clock

  3. Wallet – Biz Card Holder – Pen

There is no end to the list of safe gifts for your boss. In any case, you must do some ground work. To be on the safer side, find out discreetly whether your boss likes to take gifts. The thumb rule is, the more expensive a gift, higher are the chances of it being perceived differently by your boss.

Always use your common sense. For instance, you do not gift a religious book to an atheist boss, or worse still, one which is different from his faith! Finally, most people would not mind receiving gifts as long as they are given with a genuine intent.

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