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Talk about Indian cricket, and there is one name that pops up immediately – Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Over the past few decades, this man has ruled the cricket world like an undisputed king. He has been an inspiration for billions of people out there who look up to him and his life like that of a God. Sachin Tendulkar has carved a place for himself that is there to stay till eternity. The name, fame and success he has garnered for himself is an unparalleled feet which only a chosen few would be able to touch in their lifetime. But behind this successful man, lies a story; a story of unflinching grit, determination and perseverance, that not many people are aware of. Sachin: A Billion Dreams is that story, which each and every Indian and rest of the world deserves know and acknowledge. This biopic hits the theatres across the world on 26th May 2017.

A Sneak Peek Into Sachin: A Billion Dreams

It is a documentary. Directed by James Erskine and produced by Ravi Bhagchandka and Carnival Motion Picture, this picture traces Sachin Tendulkar’s journey as ten year old cricket fanatic, who aspired to become a cricketer after he saw the legendary Kapil Dev lifting the World Cup trophy in the year 1983. And, as destiny had in store, after 28 years, this master blaster went on to lift the World Cup trophy after India clinched the title in the year 2011. It is said that this was perhaps the only cricketing wish he was left with before announcing his retirement in the following year. He says, “I had to wait 22 years to achieve my dream of winning the World Cup. There were five World Cups in between. Not just me, but the whole team was working together towards achieving that dream. Sachin Tendulkar’s cricketing career has been portrayed with utmost authenticity so that his fans can get a chance to know and relive all the moments with him once again through this picture. In an interview Sachin said, “We have got everything in it, I have revealed what was going on in my mind at the lowest point of my career.”

Sachin in a Distinct Innings

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In a bid to keep the biopic absolutely authentic, the makers have roped in Sachin Tendulkar to play the lead. Not only this, even the roles of Anjali Tendulkar (wife), Arjun Tendulkar(son), Sara Tendulkar (daughter), and Nitin Tendulkar(brother) are played by these people themselves. Needless to say, this ploy by the makers will resonate much better with the audience than having someone else to play his character on the screen. During the launch of the trailer in a packed Juhu auditorium, Tendulkar had said, “This film has helped me relive the important moments of my life through its making! I remain a private person but realised that there is much I have not revealed or spoken about, to those who have been instrumental to my life and career, especially my fans.”

While the content of the documentary is Sachin Tendulkar, but it is pretty much under an assumption that how much it will have about the dark secrets of the cricketing world. It is no secret that during Sachin Tendulkar, Indian cricket has been under a lot of fire with allegations ranging from betting and match fixing. While the promos show a crowd pelting stone, it is unclear how much the makers have gone deep to be undiplomatic in this front. This will definitely lend an interesting angle to the biopic that vouches to be the closest to his life as a cricketer and otherwise.

A R Rahman’s Music to Match

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Sachin: A Billion Dream has music by yet another legend, A R Rahman. Even though there are only three songs in the picture, but they are expected to be as good and vibrant as the documentary itself. Sukhvinder Singh lent his voice for the anthem. During the launch of the song ‘Sachin Sachin’, the little master said, “Talking about the movie and the life that I have been able to relive through it is simply magnificent and overwhelming. Today, knowing that a movie is being made on my life, and now the Sachin Sachin song that AR has done with Sukhvinder, it’s a formidable combination I would say. I didn’t know ‘Sachin Sachin’ would go beyond my playing days, and here it is now playing in the theatres.” To this the legendary music composer added, “I tell him (Sachin Tendulkar) that when he becomes the President, they will play that anthem!”

Sachin: A Billion Dream is perhaps a dream come true for many. While the fans of this cricketing legend are waiting with bated breaths, the director and the producers too are eagerly waiting to savor the response this film garners. Director James Erskine in an interview said, “Sachin: A Billion Dreams is a story of Sachin the person, behind Sachin the God. It was a great responsibility as it is a movie about a billion dreams which have touched a billion hearts!” Indeed so, and through this we all wish to encapsulate those moments of his life that we have never come across. Producer Ravi Bhagchandka then added to this, saying, “We watched like 10,000 hours of footage. We have used about 20-25 mins from that.”

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The trade pundits have foretold that this documentary is going to be one of the big ones ever made on a sports star. Releasing all over the world, this flick is surely going to be a treat for all of us. And for the man himself, it is like reliving his moments of life and binding it together, never to be erased from the memory. When asked what is there in the movie that his fans have never seen, the legend replied, ““No, you guys don’t know everything! That’s why this movie. There are so many moments, and the footage that we have been able to capture, and take the footage from my personal account at home which stays in my locker, that footage nobody had access to, it was only for the family and no one else. Being a private person I had to kind of balance that out, I know my fans want to know more about me and I also want to get closer to them by showing the other side of me which they had not seen.”

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