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Choicest selections for those indoor evenings.

Come rain or shine, we all love to catch up on a movie or two to switch off from reality. Movies are like food for soul and a good one is just the cherry you need on the top. Invite your friends over, or just curl on the sofa in front of your television to catch up on any one of the romantic comedies we have listed, just for the romantic in you.

Dirty Dancing

Movie watch with Dirty Dancing @TheRoyaleIndia

Romance is incomplete without music! Dirty Dancing is a movie which oozes romance through its music. With the perfect cast in Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, who play the lead; Dirty Dancing is a must watch at least once in your lifetime. The storyline flourishes at a holiday resort where it tracks the relationship that unfolds between the guest (Jennifer Grey) and the Dance instructor (Patrick Swayze). The dance sequences, the dialogues, the storyline and the characters will stay long with you even after the movie is over. The soundtrack which went to win Golden Globe as well as Academy award for best original song is a must have in your best ever playlist. Dirty Dancing for sure tops the list of movie watch as well as a re-watch any evening with that special one or your friends.

Pretty Woman

Movie Watch with Pretty Woman @TheRoyaleIndia

How many of you think that Julia Roberts smile just warms your heart? Not many will disagree here! One of the best Romantic Comedies of its time, Pretty Woman takes the cake with its unique star cast of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Richard Gere in the role of a business tycoon and Julia Roberts as a prostitute who ends up getting hired as his weeklong escort – personify how opposites attract. Their onscreen chemistry is sensational. It’s got a Cinderella ending led by beautiful onscreen moments that will capture your heart and imagination. If you are a fan of brilliant performances coupled with a dose of brilliant execution of an age old storyline with sensational star cast, Pretty Woman is the obvious choice any day, any time.

While you were sleeping

Movie watch with While you were sleeping @TheRoyaleIndia

A sweet, gentle and adorable movie on how love enters your life silently when you are least expecting it. Sandra bullock with her girl next door persona won hearts and cheer while essaying the role of a singleton whose life goes through a roller coaster ride post saving her secret crush’s life. The journey she goes through to find her true love is hilarious and filled with incidents that we all can relate to. This movie is for all those times that you need something funny and uncomplicated to pep you up. Though this movie didn’t win any awards, it will surely win your heart.

Others which also make the cut are When Harry Met Sally, Runaway Bride, You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle. So hire or order one of these to fill up your evening with a dash of romance and a whiff of humor. Happy watching!!

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