Right Fruits to Have Healthy Hair

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Million filaments of protein on the skin of your head!!! When you have them in abundance; its neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride. Yeah! We are talking of Human Hair. Not only does it protect and provide warmth but such is its importance that it’s rightly quoted ‘Gorgeous hair is the best revenge’. Fine hair is present all over the face and body. However, scalp hair is a very personality defining feature that not only gives a clue to your outward appearance but also reflects the quality of your nutrition and internal health.

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Apart from the veggies and poultry, fruits form a very essential part of daily diet which contains hair-healthy nutrients. It is recommended that 1.5 to 2 cups of servings of fresh fruits and not more than half a cup of dried fruits are a must per day. Give your hair all the TLC by indulging in some super fruits daily.

Berry cool

strawberry benefits for hair @TheRoyaleIndia

Berry fruits are a cool option to substitute those big boring fruits in your basket. They pack a punch of Vitamin C and are loaded with antioxidants. They prevent hair breakage and stimulate hair follicle and shaft growth. Varieties of berry fruit like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are available all year around.

Go Bananas

banana benefits @TheRoyaleIndia

Banana is a very humble fruit which you can have to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Apart from antioxidants it has plenty of essential nutrients viz. potassium, vitamin B12, B6 and iron. A high protein banana smoothie is just the right replenishment your hair needs.

Ripe banana when pureed with yoghurt and honey is an excellent hair conditioning mask. It cuts out the frizz and gives smooth hair.

Oranges and Lemons

orange benefits for hair @TheRoyaleIndia

These everyday citrus fruits are full of vitamins and readily available to treat your hair in many ways. Lemon juice when taken empty stomach flushes out toxins and promotes hair growth. Applying diluted lemon juice or soaking hair in it works magically against dandruff also it cleans of the excess residue of shampoo and leave-in products from the scalp.

Apply half a tea spoon of lemon juice with yoghurt mixed with 4-5 tsp of henna, keep for an hour and wash off. It works as a natural dandruff cure.

Complete fruit -Coconut

cocunut benefits for hair @TheRoyaleIndia

Coconut is a fruit with difference as it is used in households for daily cooking. Moreover it is a one stop shop for all your hair needs. Tender coconut water is abundant with minerals, vitamins and beneficial for hair roots and scalp. When applied to the scalp it works as a natural conditioner against dryness and frizz. Dietary intake of grated coconut or dry coconut promotes hair growth. Coconut oil is cheap, effective and easily available. It conditions and nourishes hair by improving scalp blood circulation. Regular head massage relieves stress and thus reduces hair fall.

Apple a day keeps hair fall at bay

apples benefits for hair @TheRoyaleIndia

When we talk of iron for hair how can the modest apple stay behind. Apple is a powerhouse of Iron, nutritious and available all throughout the year.

The Indian Gooseberry

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Very famously known as Amla is traditionally used to darken hair color and promote hair growth. It is applied in powdered form with henna paste for nourishment and color. Apart from being eaten raw it is also consumed in various forms like jellies, decoctions, juices and pickles.

Amazing Avacado

avocado benefits for hair @TheRoyaleIndia

Avocado is an exotic fruit of Mexican origin. It is a creamy single seed berry. Hair needs its dose of fats to maintain the shine and lustre. Avocados are rich in omega-3 fatty acids hence keep the scalp hydrated and promote oil secretion which conditions the hair naturally.


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A’ important vitamin –Beta carotene

As important as it is to have beautiful tresses and roots so is it vital that the head scalp is well nourished and clean to promote hair growth. Unhealthy scalp causes thinning and eventually bald patches. Vitamin A helps in preventing dry, flaky dandruff prone scalp and helps prevent thinning hair. Fruits with abundant source of vitamin A include Guvava, Mangoes, Grapes, Oranges, Watermelon, and Pappaya.

See the difference when you eat ‘C’

Vitamin C is known to have healing as well as strengthening properties. It improves collagen production thus adding strength to the hair shaft. Vitamin C also prevents premature graying of hair. Citrus fruits like Oranges, Pineapples are a great source of vitamin C. Also the Indian gooseberry, papaya, kiwifruit have plenty of C vitamin.

Pump up the ‘Iron’

Hair follicles have rich blood supply and iron is an important mineral to keep the roots strong. It promotes blood circulation and hence hair growth. Iron maintains hormonal balance therefore prevents the scalp from excessive dryness or extreme oiliness. Iron deficiency can cause hair loss and lackluster. Include fruits like cherries, kiwifruits, dates, figs that have high iron content

However it needs to be kept in mind that fruits alone do not suffice for healthy hair and need to be combined with protein and fat containing food. Many other internal and external factors also determine hair health like age, sex, hormonal imbalance, extreme weight loss. Also various chemical applications like hair dyes and heat from dryers and straighteners cause hair loss, drying and breakage. So it is important to take all factors into consideration and choose wisely.

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