Rental Cars: The Safest Travelling Option Amidst Unsafe Times

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The world is witnessing unprecedented times because of the Coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic has created an atmosphere filled by fear and insecurity. Subsequently, most of us are forced to change our way of living drastically. With the increasing risk of infection looming, people are staying indoors and avoiding all physical contact – reconsidering all social interactions from the standpoint of safety. 

The same holds for traveling or commuting choices too. Earlier, you may have never paid much attention to aspects like whom you are going with or how safe is the means of transport (from the health point of view). The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has forced your hand into choosing the safest means of commuting and avoiding public transport at all costs.

Personal Mobility: The New Way to Travel

Amidst such uncertain times, your primary concern is to minimize any instances of contracting the coronavirus and transmitting it to your loved ones. The government too is emphasizing on the need of following social distancing norms and basic standards of hygiene. When it comes to traveling in the present-day scenario, public transport is neither fully operational nor is it a safe option to consider. 

It presents a high risk of coronavirus transmission through contact with fellow passengers and different surfaces. Subsequently, most people have stopped using public transportation or even shared mobility options altogether. Instead, people have switched to personal mobility options to practice social distancing and travel safely – away from the crowds. In this way, these mobility solutions ensure that you keep the risk of infection at bay and stay safe.

Rental Car: Solution You May Be Seeking

If you do not have a personal car or any other vehicle, you may be worrying about how to travel safely during such unsafe times. Also, buying a car may not be a feasible option for you, especially during such financially strained times. This is where rental cars offer the best way to travel privately and safely. 

Self-drive cars from reputable car rental companies such as Zoomcar Delhi enable you to experience the same safety and peace of mind that comes with traveling in your own vehicle. Unlike cabs, these self-drive vehicles do not need any driver to take you around, which will further minimize the chances of risk for you. Moreover, self-drive cars are thoroughly sanitized, and you can rent them for as long as you want. 

During such critical times, comfort or affordability comes only next to safety. Zoomcar Delhi rental cars ensure that once you make the booking, you get the vehicle within 30 minutes to commute to wherever you want. Firstly, it is best to move out only when necessary, so that you can minimize the risk. However, when you do go out, choosing a safe means like the self-drive rental car will ensure that neither you nor your loved ones’ safety is compromised.

Secure All Your Travel Plans

You may need to move out on several occasions, sometimes for a planned trip and at other times, due to some emergency. Here are some instances when self-drive cars will give you the necessary support to commute safely and hassle-free:

  1. Medical Emergency:Whether there is a partial or complete lockdown, emergencies can strike any time. From taking your elderly parents to the hospital or your pregnant wife to the doctor, you will have to ensure the safety of your family members during such critical moments. Zoom car rental in Delhi offers assistance by providing you rental cars that are well-sanitized and reach you within 30 minutes. Choosing this option will ensure that you or your loved ones stay safe from the risk of transmission risk while commuting.
  1. Pick and Drop: Even if one member of the family goes out for work or any other reason, it puts everyone else’s safety at risk. If you need to pick or drop any of your family members to a particular place, and you don’t have a personal vehicle, taking Zoomcar self-drive servicewill help. You can easily rent a self-drive rental car and help them manage the commute without coming in contact with anyone else on the way. 
  1. Commuting to Workplace:As lockdown opens up gradually, you may need to visit your office too occasionally. At such times, you can book the Zoomcar rental Delhi service to commute safely to your workplace. 
  1. Running Errands:As the markets and other important places are now allowed to open up within specific times, you may need to go out to buy groceries, medicines, or run other errands. To ensure that you don’t expose yourself to risk, you can book a rental car and travel back and forth from the market, without exposing yourself to any infection. 

Take a Rental Car and Travel Safe

To ensure the safety of all your loved ones, choose safe means of commuting, such as taking a rental car. Zoomcar self-drive Delhi service is providing considerable support to people during such times when even driver ridden cabs seem risky. Take all necessary precautions and give priority to safety amidst these highly dangerous and uncertain times. 

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