2 Must-Try Summery Mango Recipes

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Without a doubt, summers in a tropical country like ours is highly uncomfortable, but it is also during this season of the year when we can enjoy the goodness of mangoes. The sweet taste of mangoes underlined with an allusive tang creates a magic that makes this juicy and absolutely divine fruit the King of all Fruits.

From mango shakes to Mango chutneys and mango shrikhand to aamras, there are a number of delicacies that can be prepared with this summer fruit. In this article, we have come up with two such yum mango recipes:

1. Mango Iced Tea

We Indians prefer tea over coffee and find it difficult to start our day without a cup of hot tea. But during summers, it becomes difficult to enjoy hot tea, and that’s where ice tea comes to our rescue. You can prepare a super-healthy ice tea by using natural flavours like fruits and if you are a fan of tea and mangoes, the combination gets even better.


• Alphonso Mangoes – 2 medium
• Black Tea – 3 tsp. or 2-3 tea bags
• Water – 4 cups
• Lemon Juice – ½ tbsp.
• Unrefined cane sugar – to taste
• Mint Leaves

• Rinse, peel and chop the mangoes
• Puree it in a blender and refrigerate for about half an hour
• Heat water in a pan and bring to boil
• Switch off the flame and add black tea
• Cover and let it steep in hot water for about 5 minutes
• Strain and once it cools a bit, place it in the refrigerator for over an hour
• In a blender pulse the tea, mango puree, sugar and lemon juice till smooth

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• Serve mango iced tea in nice tall glasses, add ice cubes and garnish with fresh mint leaves

PS: You can prepare a good amount of mango iced tea and store in the refrigerator for a later use. This way, you can sip on this ultra-delicious and refreshing drink whenever you like.

2. Mango Panna Cotta

In Italian, Panna Cotta refers to ‘cooked cream’. This mango flavoured Italian dessert is creamy yet firm and can be a wonderful surprise for your guests after a weekend dinner.


• Fresh Cream – 1¼ cup
• Sugar – ½ cup
• Milk – ¾ cup (Full Fat)
• Agar Agar – 2 tsp. (Soaked in warm water)
• Vanilla Extract – 1 tsp.
• Cardamom powder – ¼ tsp.
• Warm Water – 3 to 4 tbsp.

For Mango Coulis –
• Mango Puree – 1 ½ cups
• Lemon juice – 1 tsp.
• Sugar – 2 tbsp.
• Cardamom powder – a pinch


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Mango coulis –
• Take a small pan and add mango puree, sugar, and cardamom powder and let it simmer for about 2 minutes
• Turn off the flame and add lemon juice, mix well and allow to cool
• Take the serving bowls and lightly grease them
• Pour little mango coulis and cover with cling wrap and refrigerate for a couple of hours

• In a heavy bottomed pan add full fat milk and fresh cream and bring it to boil on a low flame
• Now, add sugar and let it simmer till the sugar dissolves completely, switch off the flame
• Soak the agar agar in hot water, and if required heat it to ensure that all the agar agar melts to form a clear mixture, remove from heat
• Now, using a wired whisk, mix the hot agar agar solution and the cream-milk mixture very well
• Stir vigorously for about 5 minutes (till the solution cools a bit)
• Now add vanilla extract and cardamom powder to this mixture and again mix well
• Now, take out the serving bowls with mango coulis and remove the wrap
• Now, pour this cream-milk-agar mixture over the already set mango coulis
• Put back the wrap and refrigerate again for about 5 hours
• To serve, remove the wrap and garnish with small cubes of Alphonso mangoes

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• Make sure both agar agar and milk-cream mixture are equally hot while mixing
• Mango panna cotta can be served in small dessert bowls, ramekins or shot glasses
• Before adding the agar agar solution, do ensure that the sugar has completely dissolved

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