Reasons to visit goa during monsoon

The soaked Spirit of Adventure – Goa, A must visit this Monsoon!

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One of the great ways to enjoy the rain is through looking out the window, at how the droplets of water surround the asphalt that decorates the puddles, all so radiantly. A hot cup of tea and the rains makes an ultimate treat for the senses. However, what if there was a pocket-friendly way of getting closer to nature, in a location where tourists mostly revel in the glory of sunshine? Yes, you may have guessed it right. Breaking the stereotype of a place to be visited only during the summers, Goa provides immense joys in the pitter-patter of the rains.

Apart from lush greenery and serene beaches, the monsoons bring forth the offseason benefits like cheap tickets and discounts on luxurious accommodation. If that isn’t thrilling enough, here are five more reasons why you must visit Goa during monsoon:-

1. Spice plantations at Savoi-Verem

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Goa’s natural treasure is carefully preserved in its hinterland, the Savoi-Verem Spice plantation. Nothing seems more soothing to the senses than the smell of the damp earth mingling with the piquant fragrance of spices.

Spice plantation goa during rainy season savoi @TheRoyaleIndia

The Spice plantation is at its lushest-best during the monsoon, making it a destination that must not be missed by travellers.

2. The Dudhsagar Falls

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The Dudhsagar falls, literally meaning Sea of Milk, is the fourth tallest waterfalls in India with a massive height of 310 metres (1017 feet).

About 2-hours by taxi from Calangute, this waterfall is well known for its picturesque qualities, especially during the monsoons when the rainwater makes up a significant part of its body. Those interested in trekking can take up the 14 km trek to and fro from Kulem Railway Station.

3. Sao Joao Festival

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The rains uplift the spirit of the Sao Joao festival celebrated in Goa. This festival marks a distinct significance in Christianity and is dedicated to St John the Baptist.

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The festival celebrated with great fervour brings out the vibrancy of the Goan culture. Tourists can witness a carnival-like atmosphere with boat races, colourful outfits, and the Goan delicacy, Feni, doing the rounds.

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This fun, frolic adventure is a unique experience during the monsoons.

4. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

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The Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, located near Valpoi town in North Goa, is home to a number of endangered species of amphibians, reptiles, and many mammals (even tigers).

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Unlike other Sanctuaries, it is open all round the year. The Bengal Tiger, one of the endangered species stays well protected in this sanctuary. Embellished by its rich flora and fauna, this biodiversity reserve is a mesmerising experience for visitors.

5. A personal Adventure

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Take a walk on the damp sand with that special someone or go for a spa or relax amidst nature on a hammock. You can also enjoy delicious Goan fish curries while the rain cascades on the roof above.

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Let the rains captivate your senses and embark on a spiritual experience as a means of escape from the daily hassle. Also, who says riding a scooter isn’t as much fun in the monsoons?

Goa stands favourite for its Portuguese heritage, nightclubs, beaches and everything else under the sun. But even when the sun is not around, the crisp air and yellow fringes in the grey sky manage to leave travellers mesmerised. So book your tickets and check out the Domestic Flight Offers on Couponraja to enjoy your share of nature at its best!

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