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A monthly visit to the parlour is a routine for every lady these days and if nothing else, threading eyebrows and waxing your legs and arms is a must. But if you are a beach person and love to flaunt your body in a two-piece, Brazilian waxing also becomes the part of the routine parlour visit. Ever wondered if it is safe or not? Brazilian waxing no doubt gives a clean and sexy look, adding up spice when in a bikini, but it can also be a reason to get infection. So, we have put together things for you to remember before you get on the Brazilian waxing wagon!

The Brazilian wax is a hair removal method that is used to remove hair from the pubic region using hot wax and a cloth. Usually women opt for this. For a woman to feel more sensitive down there escalates her making love experience, which makes for a naughty reason why more and more women are taking to this waxing experience!

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Things to remember before you head for Brazilian Waxing

  • It is recommended to take a shower before waxing and avoid using any lotion at the bikini area.

  • Besides, eatables with sugar or colas should not be consumed before the procedure of waxing as it triggers pain.

  • While going for a wax, make sure that the hair is at least half an inch long so that the wax holds on.

  • Ensure that the equipments used are hygienic, clean and sterilized to avoid any infection. The person working on you should be wearing sterilized hand gloves.

  • Post waxing it is important to stay away from tanning beds, saunas or steam rooms and love making sessions, at least for next two days.

  • Also, use ointments after consulting a skin specialist to reduce the swelling and pain you will feel for next two days.

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Risks Involved in Brazilian Waxing

However, it comes with the risks of being more close to infection and sexually transmitted infections. Pubic hair acts as a cushion and protects against injury. At instances where one has to use a washroom at a public place like cinema or a mall, it can prevent from picking up skin infections as it acts as a shield. The hair in the pubic area is thick so trying to yank it off can lead to pain and bleeding points, which further can cause folliculitis. And using non-sterile wax can cause boils and abscesses, which are very troublesome and one cannot really keep a check on the wax used at parlours.

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A Patch Test for Brazilian Waxing is a must

With all these risks, one can still opt for this after taking proper precautions.

  • The most important thing is to do a skin test to understand the reaction on the skin post waxing. Sensitive skin and hard hair, both are prone to boils and allergies.

  • The mucous membrane of the vulva is the most sensitive in the bikini area so a patch test is necessary, best at the uppermost part of the thigh, to test that the skin doesn’t overreact

When it comes to keeping the bikini area clean, it is best advised to just have a trimming session instead of a wax or a shave unless you want to roam around at a beach, wearing bikini. Waxing is surely a painful procedure for which one has to be mentally and physically prepared so if you are an ouch-don’t-touch-me types, then do think over again before you make a choice. But, we totally recommend every woman to experience this once!!!

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