Rare Images and Unknown Facts on Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela was one of the most inspirational people the world has seen. The world’s most revered statesmen who led the struggle to replace the apartheid regime of South Africa with a multi-racial democracy was jailed for 27 years. He emerged in 1990 to become the country’s first black president four years later and to play a leading role in the drive for peace in other spheres of conflict. Mandela’s charisma, self-deprecating sense of humour and lack of bitterness over his harsh treatment, as well as his amazing life story, partly explain his extraordinary global appeal.

Here are some details from Mandela’s life that you might not have known.


Nelson Mandela as Madiba @theroyaleindia

Mandela was given the name ‘Nelson’ by a school teacher. He is also sometimes called Madiba, his traditional clan name.

Black Pimpernel

Nelson Mandela as Black Pimpernel @theroyaleindia

During his years of hiding, to evade arrest, Mandela adopted different forms of disguises that earned him the title of the ‘Black Pimpernel’.

The Troublemaker

Nelson Mandela as the Troublemaker @theroyaleindia

‘Rolihlahla’ is Mandela’s tribal name and translates directly as ‘Troublemaker’.

The Greatest Hope for South Africa

Nelson Mandela as greatest hope for South Africa @theroyaleindia

Mandela has been called both ‘the world’s most famous political prisoner’ and ‘South Africa’s Great Black Hope’.

First Job

First Job of Nelson Mandela @theroyaleindia

Nelson Mandela’s first job was as a security guard at a mine.

Runaway Groom

Runaway Groom @theroyaleindia

In 1941, at 23, he ran away from an arranged marriage!

Favourite Food

Favourite Food of Nelson Mandela @theroyaleindia

Nelson Mandela’s favourite food is the meat of a freshly slaughtered sheep, watered down with a bowl of Amarhewu. Amarhewu is a traditional fermented mielie meal drink with a texture somewhere between beer and porridge and a sour taste.

Years in Jail

Years spent in jail by Mandela @theroyaleindia

During his time in prison, Mandela was restricted to a 2m x 2.5m cell, with nothing but a bedroll on the floor and a bucket for sanitation in it. He was consigned to hard labour and was, at first, only allowed one visitor and one letter every six months.

Honorary degrees

Honorary Degrees for Mandela @theroyaleindia

Nelson Mandela received honorary degrees from more than 50 international universities.

Nelson Mandela International Day

Celebrating Nelson Mandela International Day @theroyaleindia

In 2009, the United Nations declared July 18th, his birthday, Nelson Mandela International Day, a first.

From anti-apartheid activist to prisoner to World leader, Nelson Mandela has devoted his life to the struggle of improving the life and circumstance of millions of Africans and in doing so became a respected figure around the world.

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