11 Things You Would Know Only If You Have a Sibling

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A brother and a sister may argue, wrestle, not even talk for a day or two; but their bond gets stronger with each of these fights. The joy of playing pranks on each other and blackmailing in return for small gifts is simply unparallel. Amidst all the mischiefs and brawls; the deep and emotional connect keeps the two together and the relation blooming.

Remember the iconic song Meri Pyaari Behaniya Banegi Dulhaniya; I am pretty sure there is no brother out there who has not sung this song at least once for his sister. Let’s have a look at 11 things that make your sibling super-special:

1. Your Brother is your Sports Guru

He is the one who introduced you to the world of sports, be it cycling, trekking, fitness, playing cricket or even watching cricket or football match on the television. He is a moving-encyclopaedia with an extensive knowledge of who scored what in the last world cup; uff how does he even remember all that!

2. Over Possessive


Brothers especially the elder ones are very caring and would generally do things without being asked. But he always keeps an eye on who is looking at his sister at parties and other places.

3. Blackmailing about Girlfriend

Sisters can smell-it when their brother is seeing someone. Then the Sherlock Homes of the house gets the mission in her hands and once she gets to knows everything, a brother can do nothing except surrender to her demands. And beware; her blackmailing has simply no end.

4. Tips for Girlfriend

Boys, including brothers are awfully bad at choosing gifts for their girlfriends or even approaching girls they like. Sisters give handy tips and encourage them to just go for it. Remember the song Ek Kaam kar usko bula, Hotel mein khana khila, Samundar Kinare le ja Ke tu bol De khullam Khulla!

5. The Techno Genius

It is no secret that most boys are pretty good with electronics and gadgets. And when you have a brother who can help you with your science projects (especially the ones involving circuits), there is just nothing like it. A sister also seeks his advice for the best gadgets, mobiles, cameras and more.

6. Cigarette and Booze Secrets

A sister is usually the only one in the family who can save you with your smoking habit and booze. She might even give you a chewing gum or mouth freshener to suppress the smell. In fact now a day’s other way round is also quiet common.

7. Coming Home Late

Moms get nuts when their daughters reach home late, but it’s only brothers who can calm the mother down. They have their own way of convincing mom that it’s very important to give some freedom and that it’s okay to be late once in a while. And after everything said and done, he will just blink an eye and say Dekha??

8. Gift Negotiation

Whether it’s her birthday, rakhi or bhai dooj, there are always an endless number of gifts she wants from her brother. And the complex negotiation involves all the factors from emotional drama to blackmailing and complaining to parents.

9. The Fashion Guru

A sister is the ultimate fashion guru of every brother. From choosing his tees to suggesting a good hair style, she does it all. And many a times saves her brother from badly matched clothes.

10 Getting a Sibling’s Approval

Before introducing their love interest to parents, brothers always try to make the girls (sister and girl friend) comfortable with each other. And by the time the D-Day comes and parents meet this new potential member, the girl already knows about everyone and is at ease. Also the sisters help convincing the parents.

11. Your First Best Friend

Growing up with a sibling is so much fun. Being each other’s first best friends, they know all the dark secrets since nappy days and still love unconditionally. The warmth and kind of affection they share is beyond words that only they can understand and relate to!

I am pretty sure while reading this article, memories of many small incidents that you shared with your sibling must have crossed your mind. As far as I am concerned, I go all emotional thinking about all the fun things that I did with my brother.

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