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Monsoon Pros and Cons

Almost no one on this planet is spared by the thought of the utter pleasure experienced when that first drop of rain falls and rolls down your cheeks, leaving you entirely speechless. The mere thought is mesmerizing.

Monsoon is here and so is the time for some refreshment and pleasure to revitalize your senses. So, kick off the burning heat of summer this monsoon but remember to keep some monsoon pros and cons in mind to enjoy a healthy refreshing season.

Chances of infections and diseases upsurge in the rainy season due to moderate fluctuation in temperature which causes cold and flu. Also, water and food borne diseases along with infection in the respiratory system are occurring frequently in this season. Hence whether you are a kid or an adult, taking precautions to evade infections is mandatory. As they say Precaution is better than cure – so stay protected!

The best way to stay protected is to maintain your immunity level and keep it balanced. If your immunity level is good, there is no disease which can harm you. To maintain the same, you need to follow some basic precautions for a safer monsoon.

Compulsory use of rain gears

The best thing to do is to have a rain gear with you wherever you go. A good raincoat with a proper hood and a pair of comfortable rainy shoes are good to beat the rains.

What to wear and what not to wear

Cotton wear is something that is a must-have in your wardrobe during rainy season. Reason being, cotton considered to be the most comfy textile which is stretchable, light and rolls down easily. Keep it simple. Elude wearing tacky makeup and white bottoms.



Cleanliness is extremely vital in rainy season. Clean hands while eating is important. You can use sanitizers to keep your hands clean if you are not at home.

Proper intake of food is essential

You need to have a proper diet especially during the rainy season. Your regime should contain appropriate amount of nutrition. Care should be taken in maintaining hygiene not only in the kitchen but in the whole house. It helps to improve your immunity system and rallies your resistance power.

After rains shower

People find it pointless to take a shower after getting sodden in rains, but it is proved that showering after getting soaked in rain protects you from many infections.

Consumption of Vitamins

It is necessary to have a decent amount of vitamins as it boosts immunity against the cold viruses. Vitamin C is obligatory. You can intake it through a supplement or through a natural source, whatever seems convenient. Do consult your doctor on the acceptable dosage of the same though.

Temperature of the food

It is mostly preferable to have hot broths or a cup of tea when you come home caught by the rains. It helps you get to the normal temperature and possibility of catching cold reduces.

Sufficient intake of water

Adequate consumption of water drains the toxins present in your body. So never forget to take that glass of water when there is ample of it gushing around.

Live to the fullest

Apart from the hustles you face in this season you need to take out time to live it to your heart’s content. After all monsoon is all you’ve been waiting for all the way through the yawning gap.

So rejuvenate yourself, do all the stuff you decided to do in rainy season; cook your favorite meals, dance in the rain, play indoor games (as much as possible), make raindrops your lullaby and let it drift you away to sleep.

Have a happy, healthy and a safe rainy season!

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