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Changing the decor to create a new look does not require a loaded purse. A bright new look could be achieved just by tweaking the existing decor. For instances, replacing dull looking cushions with a stronger and brighter print and a different texture can totally change the decor. This could be further complemented by opting for an equally cheerful looking carpet or a floor rug. All it requires, a right placement of colorful accessories that can lend a dramatic visual appeal to a room.

Here are some quick and easy-on-the-wallet ideas:


Set the mood with right furnishing

Right furnishing for the right mood @TheRoyaleIndia

Attractive Bed Covers

The instant and effective way to uplift the style quotient of your room is by making use of elegant bed covers. Irrespective of your preferences, finding a perfect bed cover will surely accentuate the style of your room.

Points to remember

  • While choosing a bed cover, give more preference to its pattern and colour. These bed covers are available in several materials like smooth silk, cotton, or warm flannel etc. Choose wisely and efficiently.
  • Make use of rich and bright colours of the bed spread to enhance the interiors of your room.

Colourful Floor Cushions

Floor cushions are an ideal and inexpensive way to spruce up your house. Irrespective of the fundamentals, cushions add a touch of feminity to décor. These oversized cushions make for an ideal distraction between solid and bulky furniture.

Points to remember

  • Floor cushions cannot be placed anywhere and everywhere. These cushions are best suited for areas where one can implement a lounge styled sitting arrangement.
  • These inexpensive and colourful floor cushions are also perfect accessories for a bright and cheerful kids room. For instances; personalise them with child’s name, picture or of cartoon character on the pillows.

Stylish Rugs

Rugs come in a range of patterns, shapes and sizes and you will always find one to suit your budget. Rugs are not only practical but also provide comfort and warmth over a concrete, tile or wood floor.  They provide artistic value to a room’s design.

Points to remember

  • You can pick up small rugs and mats for bathrooms and entrances and find larger rugs with more impressive patterns and finishes for high-traffic rooms such as living room and bedroom.
  • If a rug is for a high traffic room like your living room or hallway, consider a heavyweight rug with a darker pattern that will show less dirt and will scrub easily without damaging its fibres. However, if it is for a quieter zone in your home you can choose a lighter-weight rug with a more muted design.
  • Choose a shape that echoes the shape of your room, of the piece of furniture you are putting the rug next to, or beneath.


Green your Home

Add some green to your home @TheRoyaleIndia

Say it with flowers

Brighten your home with some flowers, they add a touch of freshness to any room. If you do not have a green thumb, artificial plants and flowers will do the trick as well. Bring your collectibles out of the closet. Old water pitchers, antique teapots, classic urns or even tattered clay pots make fascinating containers for a casually placed flower arrangement.

Points to remember

  • Flowers arrangements should complement the decor and mood
  • Develop your own personal style and taste by experimenting with different colours and type of flowers.
  • Enjoy the seasonal variety with casual tulips, exotic orchids, fragrant roses or a cheerful mixed arrangement of flowers.
  • Whatever you do, remember, flowers can provide the right atmosphere for any occasion or celebration.

Give new twist with vase

Vases with delicate designs, intricate artwork, and unusual shapes can add beauty and elegance to interiors. Ceramic vases, antique vases, hand-painted ones, planter vases, and pottery urns- the list is endless and the options, many.

Points to remember

  • Use them in interesting way to match your decor theme and the effect can be quite stunning.
  • Dry arrangements also go well with such vases, creating a natural earthy ambience. Lustrous porcelain vases can be used for their classic beauty.
  • Since minimalism is the trend, the glass and metal look blends well with this kind of decor, making it a wonderful option for contemporary homes.
  • Artistically-designed Oriental and porcelain vases with landscapes, forests, and other beautiful scenes on them could be used as decorative pieces to highlight corners and niches.


Brighten up your home

Brighten up your room with accessories @TheRoyaleIndia


Lighting is that aspect of interiors that can define space and style. A balance between natural and artificial lights is what is needed to give the perfect look to your interiors.

Points to remember

  • Just hang up some Diwali or Christmas lights up. You can also invest in different, decorative lighting fixtures. Not only does it look nice, it gives the room a warmth and cozy feel.
  • Use different coloured lights to give an instant glow to the dullest room of your house.
  • Lamps, both at floor level as well as table tops, serve as excellent decorative items while being utilitarian.
  • Incorporating stunning floor lamps as well as table lamps beside a seating arrangement is an excellent idea to give an exotic twist to the decor.

Use mirrors to give depth

Very few interior accessories can be as varied in style and versatile in placement as the mirror.  Be it in the closet or the dining room, the entry hall or the master bedroom–the mirror can be used virtually anywhere, while blending or accenting a space beautifully.

Points to remember

  • Utilise mirrors to create light, space and special accents.
  • They can even serve as works of art.
  • Hang large mirrors on one side of the wall so that it gives a feeling of expansiveness, especially in small houses or rooms.
  • Frame one to create a mock window or place it behind artistic items, highlighting their character from all sides.
  • Mirrors are great for reflecting more light into a room. They can add a touch of bling to your home

Having said, your home should reflect your personality and style. When choosing materials for your home, pick colours and styles that represent you and blends with your décor. By simply changing the bed covers or adding a colourful throw rug under the coffee table, you can quickly redecorate. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that when you walk into your home you can relax and unwind.

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