Quick doable stress buster tips at the workplace

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Stressors (an agent/stimulus that causes stress) are all around us! Your boss, an unpleasant co-worker, your first date, falling in love, your first kiss, a job interview, starting a new job, getting a root canal done, waiting for a blood report, birth of a baby, etc. anyone or anything could stress you out. Who said, stressors are only negative! Nevertheless whether negative or positive, relieving stress by nail biting or teeth grinding is definitely not the way around it. Expose yourself to some simple and fun ways to beat stress even if it’s at your own workplace.

Food Therapy @TheRoyaleIndia

Food Therapy


Food Therapy (Eat & Drink well)

  • Bittersweet Cure

Dark Chocolate – the bittersweet cure is sure to pamper your taste buds and reduce stress hormones. It contains serotonin, which acts as a natural anti-depressant.

  • Eating feel good foods

Consume feel good foods like tuna, salmon, pumpkin seeds or soybeans – rich in Omega -3; Berries like Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries – contain natural antioxidants & vitamin C; Dairy products like cheese and yogurt – rich in riboflavin. All these help in calming your stress level by reducing the stress hormones.

  • Go Nutty!

Abounding in nutrients like tryptophan, copper & magnesium; nuts have a positive effect on your nerves and digestion.

  • Have a hot cup of Cocoa!

Cocoa beans have been known to help with digestion. Also, it contains phenylethylamine which is the chemical that the brain creates when you experience the feeling of love. Love without a doubt can create calming effect on you when you’re stressed.

Exercise Therapy @TheRoyaleIndia

Exercise Therapy


Exercise Therapy (Move your Body!)

  • A Walk in the office-park!

A walk in the park can bring you a bout of fresh air and the greenery around is sure to calm your senses down.

  • Poise Effect

Doing some stretch exercises while sitting on your office-chair will definitely help to flex your tensed muscles.

  • Reflexology

Applying pressure on the reflex points of your hands, outer-ears and feet stimulates deep relaxation, which relieves stress.

  • Take frequent breathers

Take breaks in between your work like just getting up and walking to the coffee vending machine, saying hello to a colleague.

Desk Therapy @TheRoyaleIndia

Desk Therapy


Desk Therapy (Things you can do at your desk)

  • Doodle up!

Doodle up your stressors on a piece of paper and scribble on it.

  • Ink your thoughts.

Overload of tasks may be the cause to your stress. Just pen down your tasks, prioritize them and work on them accordingly.

  • Knock out!

Invest in a desktop punching toy and you’ll find an amusing way to vent out your stress.

  • Music Therapy

Music has a soothing effect on our emotions. It helps you to relax and unwind; no doubt most spas have music playing in the background.

  • Number Sport!

Un, dos, tres! Counting numbers from 1 to 10 in a foreign language, will not only help you calm down by distracting you but also help you learn a new language.

  • Own that toy!

Stress buster toys like Smash-It Egg Yolk Stress Relief Splatter toy, Smash-It Red Juicy Tomato Stress Relief Splatter Water Toy, Pull & stretch bounce ball are available online; a unique & fun way to alleviate that stress.

  • Squeeze that Stress Ball

Squeeze that stress smiley ball and let go.

  • Wow effect!

Keeping a book/online record of all the affirmations you’ve received will boost that WOW effect.

  • Zzzz…Power Nap

A Power nap can rejuvenate your mind and body, making you more productive and in a better state of mind.

e Therapy @TheRoyaleIndia

e Therapy

e-Therapy (Things you can do at the click of a button)

  • Burst that Bubble Wrap

The crackling sound of the bubble wrap not only brings joy to your ears but also helps release stress. Pop some bubble wrap. And if you don’t have one, don’t fret.

  • Join an e-club!

Too stressed out and have no one to talk; join an e-club and you’ll have forums discussing everything under the sun.

  • Uncover the wittiness!

Read up on some jokes online/newspaper, sure to turn your mood around.

  • Visual waves

Observing relaxing nature scenes like a beach, waterfall, sunrise can have a peaceful effect on you.

  • eXperience the medical app!

Smartphones have now come up with stress–relieving applications like Pranayama Lite, Zen Space, Buddha Board, Cleveland Clinic Stress Mediation, Breathe2Relax and so on. eXperience the App now.

People Therapy @TheRoyaleIndia

People Therapy


People Therapy (Helping yourself through others)

  • Freak out

People in the workplace sharing the same stress levels are bound to share their concerns and make you feel like you aren’t alone.

  • LOL

Laughter is known to strengthen immune system, reduce pain levels & has energy boosting power.

  • Quick heal just a phone call away

Your go-to-person in times of need will always be a phone call away; so never hesitate.

  • YES man – Learn to say NO!

You don’t have to be the YES man always. Learn to say NO to your boss when you think that you have enough on your hands.

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