Quark: Intel’s Smallest Processor

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Engineers at the Intel Corporation, who are planning their next big venture in the field of ingestible technology, believe, this a likely future. Brian Krzanich, CEO, Intel Corporation, announced the company’s latest, and smallest ever, family of processors named ‘Quark‘ is designed, among other things, to power biomedical devices that may be used for treatment or diagnostic purposes.

It marked Intel’s foray, albeit a little delayed, into the burgeoning mobile market. “We plan to shape and lead in all areas of computing. The next wave of computing is still being defined. Wearable computers and sophisticated sensors and robotics are only some of the initial applications”, said, Krzanich.

Quark, is the smallest SoC the company has ever built, with processor cores one-fifth the size of Atom’s, and is built upon an open architecture meant so spur its use. Krzanich, said that Intel plans to “lead in every segment of computing,” and Quark is positioned to put Intel in wearables — and, in fact, he even showed off a prototype smartwatch platform Intel constructed to help drive wearable development. And, Intel President Renee James pointed out that Quark is designed for use in integrated systems, so we will be seeing Quark in healthcare and municipal use cases, too.”

With the launch of three new ultra-small multicore processors for tablets, mobiles and laptops — earlier codenamed Bay Trail, based on Intel’s 22 nanometre (nm) technology — the company’s main assertion at this year’s seems to have been that the ‘Moore’s Law is alive and well’. Later this year, Intel will also start producing its new generation of Broadwell chips, made on 14nm technology, which will be tinier, faster and more energy-efficient than its 22nm predecessor.

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