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Here’s a list of what you’ll need to dress like a red carpet diva.

If you have a high-blitz society affair, a luxury brand launch or an awards night on the cards, you’re in for a red carpet experience. Here’s making sure you get your look right from head to toe. Go on and complete your red carpet look as you read this!

Classic Black Sequined Dress

Black Sequin Gown for Red Carpet Look @TheRoyaleIndia

Where else would you be able to pull off a sequined outfit with élan if not at a glitzy night? You’ve done your share of LBDs, but we’re recommending a black sequined gown so you get the look of a diva and are not under-dressed at any cost.

Statement Neckpiece

Gold Necklace to complete the Red Carpet Look @TheRoyaleIndia

Your look comes to life once you accessorise wisely. If your sequined outfit is simple on top or doesn’t have too much embellishment till your bust, you should team it up with a statement neckpiece. A piece in gold will do beautifully. You can also blend in some vintage pearl with the gold to offset the black.


Earrings and Bracelet

Gold Stud Earrings to enhance the Red Carpet Look @TheRoyaleIndia

With a statement neckpiece doing all the talking, you can let your earrings be slightly on the muted side. Matte gold tiny drop earrings will work well. You could also try a simple yet glam gold studs.

Your wrist can sport a classic formal watch that spells chic. But if you are someone who loves her bracelets, then go for a solid piece that looks contemporary.


Gold Clutch to carry the Red Carpet Look @TheRoyaleIndia

This one looks like a difficult choice but actually is the simplest of all. A gold clutch is something you must have in your collection and that is just what you need in your palm at the red carpet. Wish to hike up the style factor? Go for a box clutch like this one in the image.


Red Shoes for Red Carpet Look @TheRoyaleIndia

You cannot escape the expectant eyes of those who spot you in your glam avatar. When they rest their eyes at your feet, what do they see? Don’t give them gold, they might have predicted it. Delight them with a dash of colour… don blood red shoes to add some drama.

Make-up & Hair

Red Lipstick to compliment the Red Carpet Look @TheRoyaleIndia

Keep your hairstyle stylish and fuss-free. Ask your stylist to give you vintage waves or a classic bun. Keep your makeup minimalistic as your entire look is a combination of glitz and bling. But don’t forget to add oomph with luscious lips in this colour.

Don’t wish to do a gown?
You can also sport the glam look with a chic sequin top teamed with your favourite bottom wear. Get a gold sequin top and team it up with black or red accessories.

We’ve got you ready for the walk down the red carpet. What you need to prepare for is all the attention, compliments and cameras that are going to come your way. Lights, camera… pout!

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